Palin's and the Repub's debate strategy tonight

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    Oct 02, 2008 10:47 PM GMT
    This is an exerpt from the news just now, regarding the strategy the Repubs have cooked-up for tonight's "Spin-Op" as I'm referring to the watered-down format for the debate between Biden and Palin. As many of you known, the Repubs managed to force a change in the format, going from a true debate (in which they knew Palin would go down in flames) to a softball series of questions of each candidate that have been heavily engineered by the Republicans in an effort to lower the bar for Palin, and therefore her potential for showing how much sawdust she really has for brains...

    “There’s going to be a lot of opportunities to use Joe Biden’s words against him — and not his gaffes,” an official said. “When he says raising taxes is patriotic, that’s a policy position. That’s what he believes. She’s going to use those against him.”

    (On ABC’s “Good Morning America” last month, in explaining the need for the wealthiest Americans to pay more taxes, Biden said: “It's time to be patriotic ... time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut.”)

    — Highlight past Biden foreign-policy positions as a way to undermine his core strength.

    “He’s a celebrated foreign policy expert, but he has been wrong … dating back to the Reagan administration,” the official said. “There are opportunities there for her to jump in.”

    Wouldn't it be great if Biden broke with the "format" when Palin utters one of her trite little scripted spin-snarks, trying to "jump in" and say something that makes Biden look bad, and have Biden turn to her and say these two words:

    "Explain why."

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    Oct 02, 2008 10:53 PM GMT
    Nice idea, but the horse has left the barn on this one. Why the Dems sat back and let the Repubs design the debate format to favor Palin is beyond me. This will be a draw because any perfect federal policy dunce (aka Palin) could escape unscathed.
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    Oct 02, 2008 11:05 PM GMT
    They already started...
    Gwen Ifill: Pro-Obama and Anti-Palin

    Are you kiddin' me man??? icon_confused.gif

    Do these people think we are FOOLS?
    Unless the McCain camp is more inept than we think they are
    and they pointing that way
    They CANNOT say they didn't PICK Gwen Ifill as a moderator along with the Obama people
    For these debates to be OK'ed the McCain AND the Obama people had to agree to the RULES and the the MODERATORS
    This was done July 23!!!
    and they are talking about Gwen Ifill the day of the debate???
    Wow Caribou Barbie must've Really Sucked during the practice sessions
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    Oct 02, 2008 11:08 PM GMT
    I actually think that most Americans have seen her flounder on issues , so much so that it has become a National joke. (Tina Fey using her own words and getting a laugh anyone?)
    The more she seems like she is being protected, the worse she looks, I think. I also think this style might backfire for them just as easily as it might work for her.
    I have seen her debates and she actually is great at holding her own. You don't have to be a genius on national issues to win an argument or the hearts of the American people.
    It will be interesting to say the least.
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    Oct 02, 2008 11:18 PM GMT
    Yep, unfortunately such "debates" are often less about discussion of facts and policy issues as who can get in the snarkiest one-line insulting zingers. It's really at the level of a junior high school playground argument.

    Example... two kids running for student body president...

    KID #1. "I feel this school needs to open a student crisis center for at-risk students who are victims of bullying and harrassment."

    KID #2 "That's just 'cuz you can't even make the softball team, you wuss! Who did your emo hair like that, your little sister? HA HA HA!"

    All the students go "OOOOOH!" and laugh, and Kid #2 gets elected.

    That's how I see Biden VS Palin.
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    Oct 02, 2008 11:27 PM GMT
    Biden's had trouble with his own strategy, but Governor Granholm has helped him. Just use the right arrow key to scroll.
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    Oct 03, 2008 12:35 AM GMT
    Do not care...both are a holes
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    Oct 03, 2008 1:04 AM GMT
    If I could ask just one question to both Obama and McCain, it would be why they chose such idiots to be next in line for the presidency.

    On the one hand you have Palin, who believes the universe began six thousand years ago when somebody said the magic words - and then she complains about American students lagging behind in science!

    On the other, there's Biden, who thinks FDR went on television and reassured the American public after the stock market crash of 1929 (I hope you can appreciate the depth of stupidity in that statement - Biden himself was born in 1942, only 13 years after the crash, 9 years after FDR took office, and well before TV was available to the general public - but even more disturbingly, he seems to trivialize the panic and Great Depression that followed the crash).

    I understand why McCain chose Palin - it's a transparent attempt to curry favor with women voters, and she makes an easy target to divert criticism from himself - much as Danny Quayle did for George Bush (the elder).

    I'm not sure why Obama chose Biden. He's been a liability from the moment it was announced. Does anyone actually like the guy?
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    Oct 03, 2008 2:15 AM GMT
    Well, I came into the debates late because I was taking a nap, but already Palin just contradicted herself several times that I can see...

    She said that America is hated by dictators because we have wonderful freedoms for women and women's rights.

    She also said that she wants to see (based on what others want) our government to get out of people's lives and privacies.

    WTF? Both are refuted by her stances on removing a woman's right to choose and Gays rights to exist.

    She claims that she made political appointments to her cabinet that were of all political parties and claims that in her friends and family there is great political and ideological diversity.

    HAH! She lied outright!

    She also made the mistake of attacking Biden personally by claiming that he, as a man, does not know what it's like to struggle with expenses and needs for your family around the kitchen table.

    What a pandering mealy-mouthed liar!