McCain Campaign pulls the plug on Michigan

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    Oct 03, 2008 5:32 AM GMT
    ABC News' David Chalian Reports: John McCain's path to the 270 electoral votes he must secure in order to win the White House may have just gotten a little bit harder. ABC News can confirm a Politico report that the McCain campaign is pulling the plug on trying to flip the state of Michigan from Blue to Red and locking up those key 17 electoral votes. According to Republicans familiar with the McCain campaign's plans in the Wolverine State, McCain has canceled a planned event in the state and is expected to halt his television advertising there
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    Oct 05, 2008 10:58 PM GMT
    I think John is making a mistake there. Michigan is in the worst financial condition of any state in the union, thanks to unions and the Democratic party.

    The Democratic party control freaks screwed with their primary. Michigan is run by a Democrat Governor and the mayor of Michigan's biggest town just stepped down under scandalous circumstances.

    Michigan is a mess, even though it's just 5 miles from my home, I only go there for the VA hospital in Ann Arbor.

    The only time in my life I was ever attacked by gay bashers was in Detroit. It's a very "Progressive" city.

    I think the majority of Michiganders will support McCain whatever he does. Blue hasn't worked out very well for them at all.

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    Oct 07, 2008 6:32 AM GMT
    democratic control freaks?????????????????


    shut the fuck up!

    how can you say that with a straight face when bush/cheney have expanded the executive branch's authority to ridiculous limits, and have all but stretched the constitution like a piece of rubber until it's barely even legible anymore?

    let's go back to 2000 and find out who was controlling what freakishly in florida... i remember a very unattractive REPUBLICAN woman declaring the chad recounts had ended, while the REPUBLICAN presidential candidate's REPUBLICAN brother was the REPUBLICAN governor of that state at the same time that there was a controversy in the polling.

    republicans controlled the executive, legislative, and practically the judicial branches for almost all of w's reign. just because you used to be in the army doesn't mean you have to lick the commander-in-chief's asshole every time he takes a shit.

    i'm sorry john, but you're simply in the wrong on this one.