Philosophical pursuit of answer for bottom and top question

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    Feb 13, 2013 6:07 AM GMT

    This hopefully may give some legitimate insight/answer, from users on realjock, to discussions about bottom versus tops that pervades in certain population with no certain conclusion.

    Let's forget about all the subjective anecdotes/opinions from people's experience about whether there is more tops than bottoms, for it may be of a biased opinion due to their sexual position, and it is not a good measure which is objective.

    Let's forget about all the studies that has apparently occurred to study about the prevalence of different sexual orientation(position) within gay/man who has sex with another male population, since none of those studies, in my view seem overly inconclusive, for it seems to me to be rather either lack random sampling, did not happen in legitimate academic setting, may be biased, do not have reasonable number of samples, and may lack reliability thus not able to be applied to other situation away from those population due to the certain location/website that has been looked at.

    Let's forget about all the versatiles, which usually is reported in certain researches to be the most numerous in gay/men who has sex with another men population compared to tops/bottoms, and just look at people who may classify them as total tops and bottoms, for if they are not vers, and who prefer to seek one another, for if they seek versatiles for themselves, it means that they would have bigger population to draw their sexual partners from, and thus deviating little bit from a usual discussion of tops versus bottoms availability.

    Now, without looking at the research, or personal opinions, and just purely looking at the total tops who seek total bottoms and total bottoms who seek total tops, without an ability to execute a research that could is valid and reliable and generalizable with proper sampling and statistical techniques, let us ask one simple question, or perhaps a certain thought experiment.

    IF, in your given situation, where you may feel that you are not able to find enough sexual partners for your sexual life due to the lack of those partners whose sexual orientation/position compliments yours, bottom for top, top for bottom, if hypothetically, you could change your sexual orientation completely 180 degree and become top from bottom, or top from bottom, and able to enjoy your new position that is hundred percent different from your previous position, bottom to top, top to bottom, and this is only a thought experiment since we know it to be quite possibly impossible for one to change from one to another and enjoy it just as much if one regards oneself as total top or total bottom,

    in hypothetical setting, if one is able to change 180 degree and enjoy it as much as their enjoyment and pleasure which was derived from partaking in sexual activity in their previous sexual role, would one be able to say that they would be able to be content with the number of sexual partner opportunity that is out there for them, as there would be, if their perception of greater prevalence of population who shared the same interest in sexual position as they did was right, or

    would they still complain just as they have been previously to the hypothetical sexual position change because 1)their perception of the greater prevalence of groups who shared the same sexual position was unfounded or 2)their perception of greatest imbalance in prevalence of two opposite groups were not due to actual imbalance in population, but was due to the selective choice behavior of their potential sexual partner, which eliminated many available partners who fulfilled their requirement in terms of sexual position however was not good enough in other areas which was necessary for them to lead to actual meeting, and that act of continuous elimination was the reason for their perception of imbalance of two different sexual position groups but not the actual prevalence in given population.

    Thoughts? Pardon my typos.
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    Feb 13, 2013 6:14 AM GMT
    teehelle deeare
  • HottJoe

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    Feb 13, 2013 6:16 AM GMT
    It depends on the guy.
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    Feb 13, 2013 6:33 AM GMT
    u like 2 rite?