FOCUS, Concentration..ULTIMATE learning proof, how to focus and learn and score well on anything... LEARN...LEARN..SCORE...SUCCESS...LEARN

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    Feb 13, 2013 1:43 PM GMT
    because it is easy FOR ALL of us to mix body aesthetic and exciting personality-muscle-athletic images and friendship ALONGSIDE our pursuitof good job s using new skill-learning,,,schoolwork..continutin educaton work or jsut getting better at IT applciaitons or Excel and Tools that need mastery over days and weeks/semester to learn...

    so that you see something great discovered about SHALLOW versus DEEP PROCESSING of materials we deal with learning new things for school and beyond,

    Social Media Networks and our REALJOCK in fact hurts us becasue thedeep level of processing..of academic materials..

    compared to non-effective SHALLWO processing...

    hard to explain

    watch the psychologist Dr Chu of Alabam Samford Universtiy who exposes a truth about the human focus and learning habit.way before the internet generation

    it exposes how we FOCUS and LEARN to have recall and success in learning

    here buddies and PRESS ON FORWARD with the best success
    for it
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    Feb 13, 2013 1:45 PM GMT
    Sorry for all of the typos and the lack of editing

    Just follow the link and believe in deep versus shallow processing and your life will change