Something I've been wondering about this guy..

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    Feb 14, 2013 2:56 AM GMT
    So it's the early hours of the morning and I let my mind wonder and I was thinking; never in my life have I been more interested in an individual's sexuality.

    For as long as I can remember, I've had this guy on my msn who lives about an hour away from I do and I have absolutely no idea how I ended up with him in my contacts. Years ago, I vaguely remember saying hi to him and getting the reply 'I'm not gay' instantly, he didn't even say hi back. Now I didn't think anything of it because I know that some guys are just like that, though I actually had no intentions of 'being gay' towards him, I was just bored.

    Anyway, around the end of last summer he began speaking to me and 'annoying' me with crap and game invites. I just played along, because I was pretty bored at the time. He kept this up for a while, pretty often too, and was always the one who initiated the conversations. Eventually I began to enjoy it and soon the conversations became gay orientated, in that the frequent discussion of homosexuality came up. Again, just to try and annoy me, though it felt more like teasing than anything else.

    I don't actually know how he knew I was gay, but he started saying other shit to me such asking me to 'get your dick oot', if I thought he was cute and sending voice clips. I didn't give in though and I would usually just be sarcastic, but it was then that I became to wonder if there was something there with him, just because this happened more than once. It came to the point where he told me that he was 'curious' and after some persuasion, we swapped a few pictures. He didn't say too much though, just that he would 'probably shag me up the arse' and he also said that he wanted to do the same to a girl. So, I recommended craigslist (lol, I know) after I had some positive experiences. He agreed, though I checked back later and he hadn't actually posted anything.

    That was the last I heard from him, and if I remember correctly, that was sometime during November. I was probably blocked, though I didn't particularly care, I just forgot about the whole thing until this past week.

    Now what made me rule out the possibility that he was just being a prick was that this went on for about three months. I don't know why I care or want to know, but immediately after he stopped speaking to me, I came to the conclusion that he was at least bisexual and he blocked me because I made him realise something about himself - I don't know. That's why I'm making this thread though, what do you think about this? Has anyone else ever encountered something like this before?

    And I apologise in advance for such a bullshit thread, I just have way too much time on my hands I guess. icon_rolleyes.gif

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    Feb 14, 2013 3:10 AM GMT

    Just do him.