Who knew when the Ducks signed him in the summer that he would be this good? 8-0 to start the season, 4 wins via the shootout and looking like he has no intention of giving up the crease any time soon. Anaheim has a 1-2 punch in Hiller and Fasth and we finally have a coach that will allow our offensive players to actually play offense.

Solid mix of veterans and young players and a team that has no quit in them. Haven't seen this type of team in a Ducks sweater since the 07 Stanley Cup team.

Was reading the bone heads on TSN rating the goalies this year and he barely gets an honorable mention? Crawford, Rinne, Fasth. Luongo and Sneider? I think not, especially Snieds. Hasn't looked anywhere close to his last season from.

Imagine the Ducks with Schultz in their line up? Hope that loophole was closed in this CBA. Should have made that kid sit out for years before being allowed to sign with another team. Just brings more of a curse to Edmonton to keep them in the bottom half of the league for years to come. icon_smile.gif Won't he feel stupid not signing with Anaheim if we win the cup this year. Now that is justice. LOL Yeah, I'm bitter about how that all went down. We traded Gardiner with the intent on having him in the lineup.

Glad hockey is back finally and no CBA issues for awhile now.