FriendZone, how to get out of it without risking the friendship.

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    Feb 17, 2013 3:49 PM GMT
    So I've been liking this guy for almost 10 months now. And i really think I'm way deep in the friendzone. I'm not obvious, I don't really make my intentions clear so it took him like 7 months to have an idea that I like him and that's cuz I intentionally made it obvious and asked him to go prom with me. He agreed at first but he bailed on me a week before prom cuz he told me he was seeing a guy which is fine. I accepted that and were still good friends even after that.

    We still hung out as if nothing happened, like good mates even after he broke up with the dude. I think I made it easy for both of us cuz I'm really cool and I rarely show my feelings. But I think that's really bad for me cuz it puts me more and more into the friendzone.

    I think we click really well, we can talk for hours and we share a lot of stuff. But after he learned of what I feel for him it's like we both stopped talking about relationships and anything along the lines. I mean he would briefly speak of other guys and same with me but never elaborate. It's sad cuz I feel like I wanna tell him everything because I know we click so well but there's that barrier now.

    I'd like to think that we're really good friends. I think he's very comfortable with me whenever we have sleepovers or anything he'd be comfy sleeping with his boxers and sharing a bed with me. I'd usually just try really hard not to have any physical contact with him. Trust me, it takes a lot I should be a nun now. Self control to the max.

    I'm not really sad. I am kinda happy with where I am now. As much as I want him, I care about him and I want him to be happy and if he doesn't see it with me I won't change that. I jus want to spend as much time as I can with him.

    But I do wanna figure out if I do wait for him, will I ever get out of the friendzone? I've tried moving on and see other guys but no one connects like he does. I don't really want to meet anyone else to be honest. Is it bad that Im happy with just being friends?

    How do I try to get out of the friendzone without ruining the friendship if it doesn't work out? I mean if I try something and it gets awkward and I lose the friendship ill be so devastated.
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    Feb 17, 2013 5:27 PM GMT
    There's no way to leave the friend zone without risking the friendship. Make sure it's worth it.