Does your position hinder your ability to find the one/get laid?

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    Feb 17, 2013 8:02 PM GMT
    There aren't many gay guys around, or the guys who wants to have fun with another men, to begin with, compared to other heterosexual women/men, so it is slim pickings as they are. However, if one is only interested in one aspect of sexual position, usually refered to as top or bottom, terms used for insertive and receptive person during sexual intercourse, there are very few choices left, in comparison to heterosexual population.

    Now, if one is still intent on practicing only one or the other position during the sexual intercourse while it would mean that there would be less choices left for his potential love partner or just one night stand, then it must be that the sexual pleasure that one gets, or the displeasure one is exposed to from doing so otherwise during sexual intercourse, is big enough to make up for that possible difficulty in finding their partner or one night stand pleasure.

    I don't believe it is handicap to refuse to try another position over the favored position during intercourse, just like heterosexual man is not handicapped to try getting fucked in the ass, nor is a straight girlfriend not interested in receiving anal sex, but the question really becomes,

    The question, what I'm curious about is that, do vers guys have easier time to find their partners or sexual one night fun compared to guys who are not interested in switching their positions during intercourse? The reason why I'm curious about it is, and never received or came to clear conclusion is that, many gay guys doesn't seem to be looking for relationships in first place.

    And, when it comes to a relationship, many of them don't seem to last long secondly, regardless of the sexual position of those individuals. And, for those relationships which last for long term, which is seeked by many who is looking for a relationship, it's not the sexual position, but the other personal qualities that comes into play in terms of maintaining relationships, as the it is found by research that long term relationship couples tend to have less sex, albeit this research, as far as I understand, was done by looking at heterosexual couples.

    And, when it comes to just fucking for fun temporarily, usually there seems to be enough vers or top, bottom or versatile guys available for one night fun anyways, if one is not so picky about their looks and sizes, and physical attributes of their liking.

    So, the question becomes, does it really hinder your ability to find your love or have some good time on Friday night?
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    Feb 17, 2013 10:59 PM GMT
    If you think you have it rough, try being neither top nor bottom.