When I was a child I thought being Gay was not the Norm, but after my teen years I realized how very Normal I am. I have known many self loathing people in my life (Drugs & Alchohol tend to be involved) and I don't get it. Years ago I worked in a Bar and often we would say about the customers(Suicide is an option), I don't feel that way about people in normal everyday life but why do some people live in such misery. A man I tried to be friends with would tell about his day to day issues & somehow they caused him so much pain. I told him Therapy or Support Groups could help, but he just never wanted to change anything that caused him pain. I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 31 years, he has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 7 years ago and still even with the pain of High Blood Sugar he still won't take Insulin. He ate processed food, Drank a Tanker full of Alchohol and small South American Countries live off his Coke addiction. He told me again that he does not deserve being a Diabetic, Well living with the Drugs, Vodka & Fast Food if you don't derserve it than who does. When I was 13 I was in a coma and woke up finding out I was Type 1, I take care of myself and it aint cheap, why is socialized medicine wrong again. My ex friend has asked me what I enjoy doing, he wants to find something that he enjoys, I have talked to him about things he likes but it leaves his brain. I realized that this is a Gay Man who will never be Happy, I don't wish him ill will but at the same time That Ship Done Sunk & I have seen too many Depressed people (high blood sugar does not help that) not take care of their health. I have had over 100 people die from complications with AIDS and when I see some-one so unhappy with life, I feel it is such a waste, if I could trade people out I would. If you are Depressed, a Diabetic or just GAY, Life is great so stop sweating the stupid little petty things and Just Fucking Enjoy What Time You Have ! Yes I am kind-of a cross between a NAZI and Motivational Speaker. Just find your Happy place Bitch !