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If you are working out at a moderate intensity multiple times per week, whether cardio or strength training, I highly recommend that you reconsider. I have switched to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and High Intensity Strength Training (HIST), and my results are VERY encouraging. But you have to be patient, consistent, informed, and open to the idea that less is more... As with everything, diet is 75% of success. YOU ARE WHAT AND WHEN YOU EAT!! I thought diet would be the hardest part, but for me it is sleeping. I simply do not sleep enough, and that is undermining my results at this point... I have to get better about that...

At least once a week you should consider doing very slow and moderately heavy weight training (and if you lift intensely enough, one 12- to 15-minute session may be the only weight workout you need for a few days, if not the entire week). If done purely as described by Dr. Mercola, you do 1 set of 5 compound movement exercises for 5-8 SLOW reps. If you do it properly you should be UTTERLY SPENT. Otherwise you haven't done it right. More about High Intensity Strength Training at this link, which includes the 5 exercises in a list:

I also strongly suggest you learn about and understand the physiology underlying the Peak 8 program described by Dr. Mercola. Here is the original link: I will include his suite of videos for Peak 8 at the very bottom. I have altered what he describes a tiny bit, so I do a 3-minute warm-up, 8 oscillating intervals of 30 seconds full out effort (separated by 90 seconds of moderate movement), and a 2.5-minute cool down (total = 20 minutes exactly). I burn 300 - 400 calories in 20 minutes, rather than an hour, and I can feel that my metabolism is racing for hours afterward. There are also many benefits to interval training that low intensity exercise simply cannot duplicate (not to mention elevated risk of injury, inflammation, and impact that come from extended bouts of low/moderate intensity activity). Again, if you do this correctly, you should be DONE after 20 minutes. You should not be able to continue, nor would you want to. Everything is explained very clearly and concisely by Dr. Mercola and his guest.

I have tested and fallen in love with the PowerPlate Pro 5, because of a recommendation from Dr. Mercola, and I have bought a refurbished one that will arrive soon. Here is the original link: Consider finding access to vibrating plate technology. You can learn more about it by going to YouTube and doing a search on these terms: Mercola Vibrating Plate Tony Swain. There are a suite of videos to go with the Power Plate, which is extraordinary technology. I can't wait to have mine!!! I broke a sweat just standing on it, and it dramatically increased the intensity of what I was doing without increasing the impact to my body. In simplest terms, Force = Mass x Velocity. Instead of increasing mass/weight for greater strength training, vibrating plates increase velocity/gravitational force. Same formula, but adjusting a different variable. You really must experience it. It is remarkable.

Here is one of the videos demonstrating the PowerPlate:

Lastly, here is the Cardio info about Peak 8

Here is the original link again:

If you want to watch the videos separately from reading the article, they are here:
Introduction to the program

Basics explaining why HIIT is effective

Diet and HIIT

Demonstration, part 1 of 2

Demonstration, part 2 of 2