O-KAY! Here I go again! What is it about many of us that are gluttons for punishment? You know who you are because I am amongst you. I refer to those of us, who time and time again seek out other "combative" men to engage in battle. We: establish rules, regulations, gear, mode of operandi and even do a slight background check on the intended opponent. Meaning we asked a friend if he knows anything about the guy. We settle on an arranged time and location and the "perp" never shows. I call him a "perp" because by not showing up he has committed a criminal offense for wasting your considerable amount of time and effort on this. If you recall from my earlier post 9 out of 10 meetings on these sites never happen because many of the guys are masquerading as something they are not. As such it's a wonder anyone even tries to meet someone online. A smart boxer will pick the fights he knows he can win. A brave boxer will choose fights where there is a chance he will lose but will test himself and learn a great deal as he overcomes the adversity. A dumb boxer will fight regardless of the situation or odds. I've come to the conclusion I'm a brave boxer. There's still optimism in my heart because of my great love for the sport. I continue to believe that there are aspiring boxers out there seeking others like me that can help make the journey toward outside and self acceptance a little less rough.

Still it is those nefarious "never-do-wells" that continuously vie for our time and effort only to abuse it without care or regard. To thwart their efforts, I have a "litmus test" and a veteran gay boxing pioneer that I consult with before meeting any fighter. During those times when I'm traveling or visiting other locations I ALWAYS DOUBLE & TRIPLE BOOK fights! One or more guy will ALWAYS cancel! I mean WTF?!?! You're traveling across country or worse overseas and you've been looking forward to meeting this person for countless months only to have him cancel when you finally arrive at the appointed destination. Seriously again W.T.F?!?! Given the price of travel these days and you don't make the effort to fulfill your obligation of at least showing up in person with a lame excuse. Yes, this happened to me once. I was understanding and less pissed but I respected the fact that he had the "balls" to tell me the truth face to face.
MAN up Guys! Just cause you’re a gay, homosexual, queen, punk, faggot, queer, light in the loafers kind of guy in one aspect does not mean you can't be an uber-male fighting machine in another. Today many of us are multifaceted handling many different moments in our lives. As such we neither have the time nor excess energy to be wasted on those who cannot live up to their written claims. You only get one shot at life. Do you want to be that resentful old man that sits outside his home, mad at the world because he didn't achieve all the goals he set in his life so he cusses at the world as it goes by or do you want to be the man that seized life by the balls and pushed the boundaries of your accomplishments? CARPE DIEM! Be honest with yourself and your opponent. It will make you a better person.