@Americans - are you more paranoid than Canadians?

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    Oct 13, 2008 6:20 AM GMT
    This is a common stereotype but i am curious if there is any truth to it.

    I just came back from a jog which i often do at 1am or 2 am or so. I leave my door not only unlocked but wide open. You can easily see my laptop and whatnot through the window.

    That is just one example. I am posting this since in a recent thread got me thinking about the topic, the thread about being cautious regarding meeting people on the internet to which i have an unorthodox reply:

    "I am not cautious at all.

    But then again i have been meeting hundreds of people off the net since i was around 14 or so - mostly people i met from playing online video games (which i guess is very different than a networking/dating site meet).

    Never met any weirdos, never was someone not exactly who i expected them to be from talking with them online (including the people i have met from this site).

    I also am a Canadian who has never locked his door and has no fears about posting my phone number or address on the internet so, i do not have the typical internet paranoia that most people seem to have."

    How about you? Do you lock the door? Have an alrm system? Keep weapons in the house? Afraid to go out at night? etc.

    Are Canadians in general less paranoid than Americans?
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    Oct 13, 2008 12:56 PM GMT
    over all i would say yes, but it depends on where you live

    i live in Los Angeles, and some robbers are not scared of anything, i heard this one story where a kid was in the kitchen, a robber in the middle of the day walked in through the back door took the mothers purse in front of the kid and left (im sure there are more shocking stories but i thought that one was pretty bad)

    i triple check doors at night, and i always lock it right after i come in the house, either if its night or day (although I do have OCD but I have medication for it) i am scared to put my laptop in plain sight, but not too much, and i dont like going out at night alone but in Los Angeles it really does depend on where you live (I know in Hollywood it can be really nice and then two blocks down it can be shady as hell) we do have an alarm system but my cat used to always set it off so we stopped using it, although we should start again, and my parents dont believe in having guns / weapons around

    i know my aunt that lives orange country where she never locks her car and leaves in front of her house icon_eek.gif

    and i would never post my phone number / address online, there are far too many creepers out there

    i have been to canada twice, and both of the times the people were so freaking nice i could hardly believe it, i probably would not have any problem not locking my door either if i lived there : ]
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    Oct 13, 2008 1:11 PM GMT
    Ya it would depend on where you live I think. I live in the country, and we never locks our doors, I even leave the keys to my car in the ignition. I think if you live out in the country it's a bit different than living in the city and I'd assume it is the same in the US as it is here. If I lived in TO, I'd lock my doors most likely. I will give my number/address to people that I've been talking to for a while online, but it's not something I give out to random people. No weapons or alarm systems either. I did see that other post and I would never go to the lengths that that guy goes to when meeting guys online. That is definitely a case of paranoia.
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    Oct 13, 2008 3:45 PM GMT
    A lot of people need to start paying attention to the statistics here...

    As of July 2007 the US had 30,139,947 people. If we assume a burglar walked into 5 houses that year, that gives us a 0.0000016603576011122827 percent chance that it could happen to you.

    Seems a little silly.

    It's like parents that won't let their children walk to school because they heard of a kidnapping happening three states and thousands of miles away.

    Then again our country seems to support the "stupid is good" mentality.
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    Oct 13, 2008 3:59 PM GMT
    Delivis said
    Do you lock the door? Have an alrm system? Keep weapons in the house? Afraid to go out at night?

    Yes, yes, yes, and not at all.

    I will quibble with the premise of this thread. Paranoia is irrational. But as the first reply points out, many people here have a rational basis for locking their doors and being cautious.

    I don't really think I'm going to get my house robbed, but I'm not going to invite trouble either by keeping the door wide open. My next door neighbor has been broken into, as have several houses in the neighborhood. Why on earth would I leave my doors unlocked knowing this?

    And I have an alarm system, so why not use it? Thankfully I've never had to use my gun, but if the day comes that I confront an intruder in my home, I don't want to rely on verbal persuasion alone to convince him to leave.

    As for going out at night, no. I've never been afraid to go out at night, not in my own city or anywhere around the world. Random attacks (especially against a tall, well built male) just aren't common enough for me to think they're a real threat to me. But home robberies are all too common. Again, rational basis.
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    Oct 13, 2008 4:55 PM GMT
    Oh yeah...they are so paranoid. i think if they actually paused and thought about what they put themselves and their kids through every day they would probably laugh at themselves.

    Personally I blame the media's transition of news to info-tainment. it's seems most Americans won't watch news media if it won't make them fear for their lives somehow.

    Here's a fact that most Americans don't believe when I tell them. In a lot of European countries including Ireland it's unconstitutional for police officers to carry fire arms and yes they do just an effective job at policing without them.