worst sex

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    Oct 14, 2008 9:22 PM GMT
    for me it was with a girl a slept with last yr... i thought it was gonna be great. a lot of anticipation. but when we got going, she just laid there... kinda did what i call the "paris hilton". no excitment, no working, just posing. to date, the biggest sexual let downs i have had lol.
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    Oct 18, 2008 11:34 PM GMT
    Ask any of the girls I had sex with. I wasnt 100% into it so i know they couldnt have been.
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    Oct 19, 2008 1:03 AM GMT
    My worst sex was with all the women I ever had sex with. Because it was mechanical, although perhaps physically energetic, but lacking in any real passion of soul.

    I didn't realize this until I had my first sex with a man. Only then did I understand the complete scope of the sexual act, and what was missing with women.

    But, I've also had some bad sex with a few men. And I've already posted that to a similar thread here.

    Still, for me men are best, women are worst. I like to keep my life simple.
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    Oct 19, 2008 4:05 AM GMT
    I was sober and quietly upset with my date for being so drunk. We were at a wedding and she got drunk on the open bar. Stumbling back to the hotel room, she stripped from her clothes immediately. She was a little chubby with big big tits. Typically I dimmed the lights for sex, but the bright lights of the hotel room were on and unflattering. As I was taking off my clothes she bolted for the bathroom and sat naked in the doorway vomiting into the trashcan. The acrid turpentine smell permiated the small suite. After several long minutes of heaving, she stumbled up to brush her teeth before flopping onto the bed spead-eagle.

    She slurred loudly, "Fluck mle! Fluck mle now!" I muttered a curse under my breath and finished taking off my clothes...

    I was a bit rough and hurrying to finish up, all the while she continued her drunken slurs and I wishing she'd just shut up. Especially since I would occasionally get a whiff of turpentine breath.

    When we'd finished, she fell fast asleep. I was so disappointed with the events, I turned on cinemax and wanked so I could have a positive sexual memory to go to sleep with.

    I also had a bad sex experience with a drunken guy when I was sober... but that's another story entirely.
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    Oct 20, 2008 4:09 AM GMT
    There was a guy that I'd met online (shoulda seen that one coming...) who said he could fuck me hard. He talked himself WAY up, talked about his huge cock and how he couldn't wait to shove it in my boyhole and make me his bitch. This was a couple years ago; I was 22 and he was maybe 42 (He said mid-30's, which I'm assuming means early 40's, lol). He was a stocky guy, with big hands and big feet. He came over and we had a couple of beers, and he was making no real advances. He was babbling on about cod-knows-what, so I started unbuttoning his shirt. By the time I had taken his shirt off and unzipped his pants... wait, side-note...

    Guys, if someone has already unbuttoned your shirt and now starts to unbutton your pants, that's your cue to either start taking off your partner's clothes, or give him a hand and start taking off your own clothes so that he can remove his.

    Okay, back to the story. So I unbutton his pants and lower his zipper, to find that he is wearing tighty whitey briefs. Personally, I hate those, and I refused to acknowledge that they were there. I pulled them down with his jeans and just pretended he wasn't wearing underwear that afternoon. Much hotter that way. However, once I saw the "huge" cock he was talking about, I was a little let down. He was on the smaller side of average.

    So there we were on my couch, him fully nude minus his socks, and me fully clothed. I thought maybe he just needed to be warmed up or something before he "took me", lol, so I took off my shirt. He went to stand up, but still hadn't made a move for my clothes, so I pushed him back down onto my couch. He started trying to talk again, so I shut him up with a kiss. This was possibly one of the worst kisses known to man. His turtle-tongue darted in and out of my mouth, and did some kind of side-to-side thing that made me start laughing. Bored with kissing, I slid my tongue down his hairless chest (ick! be a man and leave some fucking hair) down to his hairy 'member' (ick! nevermind, shave down there instead, lol). After finally working my pants off, I asked what it would take for him to fulfill his promise of ripping my ass in half. After fumbling around with a condom, he finally shoved his cock in. No more than 2 minutes later, I heard him groaning, and he was finished. I was on my back, and I looked up at him and asked "Are you fucking serious?" I wasn't letting him get away with this shit. I let him have it. "You talk yourself up to have a monster cock that you're going to use to take charge and fuck me hard, you come over and make me sit through about 30 minutes of mindless drivel, only to have me take both my AND your clothes off, you make me actually have to tell a guy 'sorry, i don't like kissing', and you turn out to be a two-pump chump?" He had this nice "deer in headlights" look to him, and told me "What do you mean? That was hot!" This did it for me. I started laughing, not really thinking the guy was being serious. I think he died a little inside, because he never laughed with me. I instantly called a friend while he was getting dressed to tell him about what happened. My friend and I cracked up, and I tried handing the phone to the guy, but he just sorta picked up his shirt and left. He left me a beer though, so that was sweet of him.

    So I guess it's true what they say...
    Big hands, big feet... BIG disappointment, lol.