Story this morning on NPR cited new polls showing that young protestants and Catholics in the US support gay marriage by a slim majority.

This generational development is worth watching - it's also a motivator for the older social conservatives to get their "marriage protection" laws on the books before the kids become a major voting block, I think.

Which brings up the California Proposition 8, which if it passes will roll back the gay marriage progress made there recently.

PlanetOut had an article urging gay people to contact their straight friends in California, to ask them to email and speak to other friends about Prop 8 and to say they'll be voting "no". The idea is to take take the "straight alliance" of such celebs as Brad Pitt and move it to the personal level.

If you have straight friends or relatives in CA, consider asking them to urge their own friends to vote "NO" on Prop 8!