I have got to share this I finished reading an article conducted by MJD. Well any way the gist of interview consisted of a bunch inane questions and the replies by TO were even more inane go figure right? At the top of the interview they have this picture of T.O in looking like what can best be described as a terrible rip off of the fictional former Saturday Morning cartoon character called “HOBO KELLY”. Those of you who are in their early 40 and there on know of what I speak. He looks terrible. He did this on purpose…LOL!

Any way on of the responders to the story said T.O must be GAY or an IDIOT to dress. Like that. I just had to post. a reply.

“Someone posted that TO must be GAY or an IDIOT to sport that drag! TRUST ME no self-respecting gay man would wear what he's wearing believe me he's straight! If it 's one thing we GAYS have cornered the market on is a since of style and how freaking dress. You all can have him we have no need for him or his antics! “

I tried posating the picture but trust me he looked ridiculous!