F.I.M. Disease

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    Oct 15, 2008 6:14 PM GMT
    Also know widely as Foot In Mouth. We have all had those times, when you say something and unknowingly end up offending someone purely by accident.

    I was recounting a few of my former F.I.M. moments with a co-worker the other day, and I have to say one of my favorite ones still makes me laugh today.

    A female customer and her BF( I'm assuming at least) walked into our store one day. They were pretty much all over eachother the entire time. When they got up to the counter with their purchase, I knowticed that the lady had a big of a belly going. Now, the rest of here was quite trim and rather fit, so I just made the assumption that she was pregnant. I decided to ask here if she knew when she was due and if they knew if it was a boy or girl. Well she completely lost it there. She told me in no uncertain words(and with quite a few words that shouldn't be said in polite circles) that she was NOT pregnant. Her BF started laughing at this....until she glared at him with those pissed off eyes. I dont think we ever saw him again lol.

    So, what was some of your favorite Foot In Mouth moments. Share!
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    Oct 15, 2008 6:35 PM GMT
    I went into a Chinese restaurant by myself, and was seated in a booth that had unusually tall seat backs. Another party was already in the booth next to mine, and I could just see the tops of the heads of the adults sitting there.

    I ordered chopsticks, and as I was using them, a young boy with the other group stood up on their side of the booth, and peeked over the top of the divider at me, exclaiming:

    "Look, Dad, he's eating with sticks!"

    I was amused and smiled back, while the man I took to be his father lifted up a bit and turned to apologize over his seat back.

    "I'm sorry if he bothered you," he said.

    "Oh, not at all, that's fine!" And directing my words at the boy, who was still standing there, I said:

    "See, these are called chopsticks, what the Chinese people eat their food with. Would you like to try some?"

    And the little boy got a terribly pained look on his face, and sunk back down out of view. And his father gave me a withering glance that looked like he was about to punch me out. We exchanged no more words.

    They were still there when I had finished my meal, and getting up, I happened to glance into their booth. The little boy was wearing full plaster casts on both arms, covering his fingers up to his elbows!

    He had obviously suffered some terrible injury, and had no use of his hands. And the adults must have thought I knew that, and assumed I had deliberately taunted the boy about using chopsticks, to punish him for having "annoyed" me.

    Perhaps I should have said something to them by way of explanation, but I was so stunned I was caught off-balance, and just continued on my way to the register. I have rarely felt so bad in my life.