Obama and his views on gay rights

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    Oct 16, 2008 3:38 AM GMT
    Not sure if your aware but here is what Obama has promised the LGBT community if he wins: (Hold him to it)





    Obama Supports Legislation to Outlaw
    Employment Discrimination on the Basis of
    Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

    Obama Sponsored Fully Inclusive Non‐
    Discrimination Bill In Illinois. He was a
    champion of the bill for seven years, which
    later passed after Obama had been elected to
    the US Senate.

    McCain Voted Against the Employment Non‐
    Discrimination Act. McCain said “I don't
    believe that [homosexuals] belong in a special
    category. […] That's why I voted the way that I


    Obama Supports Full Adoption Rights for
    Same Sex Couples.

    Obama believes that LGBT
    people should have the same adoption rights
    as heterosexuals.

    McCain Opposed Gay Adoption. McCain said
    “I don’t believe in gay adoption.”


    Obama Supports Complete Repeal of DOMA.

    Obama believes we need to fully repeal the
    Defense of Marriage Act and enact legislation
    that would ensure that the 1,100+ federal legal
    rights and benefits currently provided on the
    basis of marital status are extended to samesex
    couples in civil unions and other legallyrecognized

    McCain Continues to Defend DOMA. McCain
    voted for passage of the Defense of Marriage
    Act in 1996, which denies federal legal rights
    and benefits to same‐sex couples, and he
    continues to defend that discriminatory law to
    this day.


    Obama Voted Against a Federal Amendment
    to Ban Same‐Sex Marriage. Obama sided with
    the vast majority of Democrats opposing
    attempts by the Republican leadership to bring
    up a vote on a constitutional amendment to
    ban same sex‐marriage

    Obama Opposes Discriminatory Constitutional
    Amendments. Obama “opposes all divisive
    and discriminatory Constitutional
    amendments, state or federal.” This includes
    the proposed amendments In California,
    Arizona and Florida.

    McCain “Proud” to Have Led an Effort to Ban
    Same‐Sex Marriage and Civil Unions In
    Arizona. McCain said “I'm proud to have led
    an effort in my home state to change our state
    Constitution to protect the sanctity of marriage
    between man and woman.”

    McCain Supports the California Gay Marriage
    Ban. In an e‐mail to protectmarriage.com,
    McCain said “I support the efforts of the
    people of California to recognize marriage as a
    unique institution between a man and a
    woman, just as we did in my home state.”

    McCain Says He Would Sign the Federal
    Marriage Amendment into Law. When asked
    if he would sign the federal marriage
    amendment if elected President, McCain
    replied, “of course,” although he voted against
    the amendment in the Senate.

    Discuss: and yes this is from Obama's website.
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    Oct 16, 2008 4:20 AM GMT
    I agree!
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    Oct 16, 2008 5:23 AM GMT
    Sure, i'm not McCain's biggest fan, but i'm not sure Obama's website is a credible source icon_biggrin.gif