Balancing work schedule, late nights and eating right.

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    Oct 18, 2008 1:09 AM GMT
    Hey guys -
    Suddenly I have become one of these people who "don't have time to do my expense reports." In fact, I'm finding it really hard to organise myself, and the time I do get for fitness this last while, I find that I haven't been eating at the right time OR the right thing to have the energy I need.

    My current schedule is as follows:
    1. 6.30am wake up. I usually try and have some cereal.
    2. 7.30am leave house
    3. 9.00am arrive at work. I work in an industrial research complex 50km (30 miles) from the city, there is a canteen on-site (very average slop such as shepherd's pie and "muffins") but otherwise no access to food.
    4. 11.30am Lunch (aforementioned slop)
    5. 1.00pm Swim in the on-site pool for 20 mins.
    6. 5.00 pm Leave work.
    7. 6.30 pm Arrive home. This is where the trouble really beings -

    If I have enough energy (rarely), then I will go directly to the gym for my workout.
    I will try and have a light sandwich or something, wait an hour so, and hope I don't feel like chucking up. Feel absolutely starving by time I get home.
    have a full dinner, go to the gym at around 9pm (and sometimes feel like barfing anyway)

    I normally go to bed at 10.30pm (fun - not), unless the sky is falling and I need to do more work.

    Am I the only one? I'm guessing the solution lies in taking food to work with me, but what should I take?


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    Oct 18, 2008 1:19 AM GMT
    I'd suggest you try breaking it up into 5 smaller meals a day. It would help keep you energy up and smaller meals are easier to stomach. I'm on a diet plan where I am doing this and I am finding I have a lot more energy and I'm not as hungry during the day.

    I cook two to three times a week, making foods that fit my plan and are portable. I store them in small plastic containers and throw them in my bag for the day when I leave the house. It cuts down on what I have to do every day, and it seems to take as much time do make 4 portions as 1. Things like rice, chicken roasted potatoes store well, and fresh veggies are always an option.
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    Oct 18, 2008 6:49 AM GMT
    Take food that you will find appealing that combines carbs, fats, and protein. I also like to take some sort of fruit, because the sweetness is very satisfying. If I don't take food that I like to eat though, then I am more likely to just buy something from a cafeteria instead of eating the food I brought.

    Some of my favourite snacks are:

    Apple and some almonds
    Yogurt with walnuts in it
    Peanut butter and Banana sandwich
    Tuna sandwich with an orange

    Timberoo is bang on with the advance-cooking and individual servings. It's so much easier to just grab a good meal and go.
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    Oct 18, 2008 2:15 PM GMT
    You are 25 so it is harder I find to cut back on big meals. What I do is wake up earlier (usually by 5 AM) and work out early which frees up the rest of my day. I also eat like a sparrow at dinner time during the week since the calories are not needed late in the day. My biggest meal is lunch. Like "Surfsdown" indicated having very small healthy snacks is a good idea. You don't want to starve yourself so you overindulge at 6:30 PM.

    A former South Korean employee of mine told me of one of his culture's sayings.

    "Eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch, and a pauper at dinner". I always thought that was good advice for our society in general considering the obesity problems we have.