Having missed on high-school and college wrestling teams only because after having had gay sex at the age of fourteen, it was REALLY difficult for me to not show some excitement (10+ inches) with half naked guys in the room.

I've started having safe sex since discovering I was poz, and prefer to keep abstinence a part of my body fluid exchange experience until my partner can be tested for things that would complicate my life. Being clean for everything but HIV makes it easy for me to imagine keeping myself un-complicated until a cure arrives.

After attaining the HIV positive status after a false negative test and a full relationship of over twelve years, it's easy to say that I did learn how to please a man in LOTS of very erotic and foreplay filled ways. A few that had us both happy and sweating and relaxed with a sexual afterglow that helped us stay together for so long.

Now that being single and still loving the man that wanted an uncomplicated and focused man in his life (one not preoccupied with HIV meds and viral loads), I've discovered that his having a new relationship let me say I do love him still, and can now try to discover something about wrestling erotically that I never had in college and couldn't imagine myself doing with acceptance.

I do have rules about never going over someone's limits and always having safe sex, and since discovering that foreplay has definitely been ignored for the most part, I want to ask guys what wrestling moves gets them most aroused? What is it they can do for hours with an orgasm just within reach on purpose?

I've found I like the idea of body scissor holds, with a guy holding me in between his legs and squeezing while we both pant, and yes rub hardons that precum for hours before we decide to orgasm past our shoulders.

What do you think of long hours of feeling someone breathe and caress your body with theirs, holding you tight and doing what they can to make you aroused for hours and hours and hours??