Back to back Marathon/Half Marathon

  • RunnerMD

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    Apr 25, 2013 7:17 PM GMT
    First, yay, I'm back! After accomplishing my first half marathon goal last year I went into a low key running mode but wanted to make sure I was on track for getting my first full marathon done this year. I've had all the checks by all the doctors and physical therapists that showed that I'm far healthier than I was last year, what my correct heart rate zones are and that I don't have any joint degeneration or any other problems (in fact all my muscle imbalance issues from this time last year are gone too). So with the green light I started base building to target beginning marathon training for the end of the year.

    Originally I was shooting to do Philly as my first marathon. I have family up there, it looks like a nice run and it gave me enough runway for doing a proper slow training plus a couple months of firming up my running base before that. As usual, I'm being extremely careful about avoiding overtraining and injury.

    All looked great until I was flipping through a running magazine and ran across the Space Coast Marathon advertisement. This year and every year of the next five they are doing commemorative medals for each of the space shuttles. I'm a space geek (and computer geek) so that really got me excited. You get the medal whether you run their half or full marathon. The only problem is that the date of the marathon is two weeks after the Philly Marathon (Philly is on 11/17, Space Coast is on 12/1). I have already paid for the Philly event but really want to get those medals. I therefore figured I had two options:

    1. Eat the Philly entry fees and sign up for the Space Coast Marathon as my first marathon.

    2. Run the Philly Marathon and then two weeks later run the Space Coast Half Marathon.

    Part of me thinks it'd be great if I actually got each of the five medals as marathon, but either way I'd have them all. When I ran my first 10K ever, last year, I was spent for a good week. However when I ran my half marathon six months later I was ready to go the next day like nothing happened. I hear that the marathon is a whole different story.

    So the question I pose to fellow RJ members is which of the two options would you recommend? Is it unrealistic for a first time marathoner to pick up a half two weeks later, even if I do it as a run/walk or easy pace event? Would it be better to just stay signed up for both as fulls and then decide which one I want to do later? I guess a third option would be to run Philly as a half and then run the Space Coast as a full too.

  • Lincsbear

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    Apr 25, 2013 10:57 PM GMT
    As you`re a beginner, my suggestion would be to run one full marathon, and leave it at that; or do both as halves.

    As something of a space nut myself, if I had to choose one full marathon, it`s got to be the Space Coast!

    Best wishes!