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    Oct 23, 2008 8:11 PM GMT
    "Thought of the Day #1:
    Sarah Palin became Mayor of Wasilla by a margin 203 votes! She won 616 out of a total 1,029 votes cast. That’s like running for student body president of a high school. Senator McCain says Sarah Palin is the most popular Governor of the largest state in the country. Well, her popularity has certainly slipped and Alaska may be 2 1/2 times the size of Texas in area, but its population is only as large as the city of Long Beach, CA. Sorry Senator McCain, but that doesn’t qualify Governor Palin to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency or even Vice President for that matter.

    Thought of the Day #2
    There have been countless claims perpetuated by the GOP that Senator Barack Obama's proposal "for rescinding the Bush tax cuts" would result in tax increases for middle-class Americans. That is categorically false. Senator Obama has proposed cutting taxes for 95% of American families. Accordingly, those making $250,000 a year or more will only incur a 3% tax increase, taking them from 36% to 39%.

    Thought of the Day #3
    The recent assault on Acorn has been a first class propaganda drive fueled by the Right Wing. As Mark Crispin Miller said to Bill Moyers, “This is a pretext being used by a party that is itself committing election fraud and voter suppression on an enormous scale.” FYI: Acorn itself blew the whistle on the situation once the organization discovered some of the invalid voter registration form - they even turned over their volunteers who were registering these imaginary people in order to earn a few extra bucks. The Republican Party on the other hand has been actively disenfranchising voters since the 2000 election and we are now hearing reports of voting machine fraud occurring in states like West Virginia and Florida that have begun the early voting process. Please visit my other topic entitled “Protect Your Vote” to educate yourself on this issue so you can insure that this election year your vote is counted properly!"

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    Oct 24, 2008 1:55 AM GMT
    Thought of the Day #4:
    "North Carolina Republicans send out homophobic mailings against Democratic Senate candidate Kay Hagan: The North Carolina Republican State Executive Committee has sent out homophobic mailers targeting Senate candidate Kay Hagan (D), who is challenging Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R). The mailings warn that Hagan seeks to advance a “radical homosexual agenda” that includes legalizing gay marriage, removing “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, and forcing the Boy Scouts to accept gay and atheist troop leaders. [One] wonders how these priorities represent a “radical homosexual agenda”: What, exactly, is the gay interest in removing ‘under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance? [I believe] there is no “gay” interest in removing “under God” from the Pledge of Allegience. It was the conservative’s that altered the original Pledge to INJECT religion into patriotism. Marriage equality is pro-American."
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    Oct 31, 2008 6:01 PM GMT
    Thought of the Day: Oct. 31st

    "John McCain has declared from swing state to swing state, "I am a Teddy Roosevelt Republican…” Does McCain realize that President Roosevelt advocated for progressive taxation…just like Senator Obama. McCain has labeled Obama a socialist for his position on taxes. However, in his own words Roosevelt stated: “We grudge no man a fortune in civil life if it is honorably obtained and well used. We should permit it to be gained only so long as the gaining represents benefit to the community. This, I know, implies a policy of a far more active governmental interference with social and economic conditions in this country than we have yet had, but I think we have got to face the fact that such an increase in governmental control is now necessary.”

    Roosevelt also created the Progressive Party, was known as a “trust buster” and firmly believed in the separation of church and state.

    And John McCain must not have realized that Teddy Roosevelt was a serious environmentalist who believed in conservation. He created five National Parks, four Big Game Refuges, fifty-one National Bird Reservations and the National Forest Service. Roosevelt advocated for the sustainable use of the nation's natural resources, the protection and management of wild game, and the preservation of wild spaces. McCain, who has received a zero rating from the League of Conservation Voters, has yet to provide any details about how he will preserve our dwindling natural resources or how he will tackle global warming…aside from his running mate’s chant of “drill baby, drill.”

    The problem with John McCain comparing himself to Teddy Roosevelt is that McCain’s policies and political views bear no resemblance to that of the former President…and the Republican party of today doesn’t look or sound much like the Republican party of Roosevelt’s era. But then again, McCain in 2008 bears no resemblance to McCain in 2000. In the last few months the “Straight Talk Express” has devolved into a series of desperate hail marys that have included name-calling, mudslinging and downright lies about Barack Obama. And no amount of channeling Teddy Roosevelt will clean up the mess that McCain has created for himself."


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    Oct 31, 2008 8:53 PM GMT
    Thought for today Is this child abuse ?

    McCain faced with dismal attendance at his rallies bused in 4000 grade school kids to fill the seats icon_rolleyes.gif

    "A local school district official confirmed after the event that of the 6,000 people estimated by the fire marshal to be in attendance this morning, more than 4,000 were bused in from schools in the area. The entire 2,500-student Defiance School District was in attendance, the official said, in addition to at least three other schools from neighboring districts, one of which sent 14 buses."