What was your coming out story? Sorry if this has been asked before

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    Oct 24, 2008 3:39 AM GMT
    2 years ago i was still in the closet( I hate that term), and scared to death of what my friends and family might think. I started seeing my BF quietly as i was trying to muster up enough courage to tell my friends and my mom. With my best friend i called his gf and told her first. I thought this was the most effective way since if by chance something went wrong she would be able to smooth it over. Anyway I just could not tell my friend face to face so i texted him that i was gay. Whats funny is that all along him and my bf where texting eachother he just thought it was a girl. Anyway the way my mother found out was a little more interesting. My mom noticed i was getting packages from someone a male through the mail. So she was putting it together. One day my bf came to my office to hang. I didnt think my mom would be coming in that day. Well she came in and i bolted. lol. i left him there with her. Her first words to him were who are you? Followed by ohhh your baby! She alwasy heard me on the phone calling someone baby. So you guys could imagine how horrified my bf was when i bolted. lol. I lost alot of friends but i got to keep my best friend. I got lucky.
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    Oct 24, 2008 9:13 PM GMT
    You didn't lose any friends. They just weren't friends to begin with. Friends are the ones that stick around. You will find more of them.

    That was funny what your mom said to your BF. LOL