Excess Abdominal Skin After Weight Loss

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    Mar 17, 2007 3:46 PM GMT
    I lost a lot of weight (40 lbs) I put on during my long AIDS hibernation. I did it by swimming laps and following the Zone and the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle book.
    My bod looks great now except for this one disapointing problem: excess abdominal skin now that the fat is gone. It's not apparent unless I bend over (HA!) and I really dread having my sex partners noticing it.
    I suppose the only cure is a tummy tuck operation which I cannot afford. Plus I hear it's a brutal post-op requiring drainage tubes and narcotics.
    I feel insecure when I have sex because my mind keeps focusing on this liability. I suppose I will need to have sex standing up or on my back for now on. Well, that's two out of three positions so I probably shouldn't complain.
    I see bodybuilder advertisements with before and after pix and they never mention their excess abdominal skin.
    Anyone else have this problem???
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    Mar 18, 2007 1:58 AM GMT
    My ex did. But it never bothered me even one bit. You just need to find a guy who apprecaited all of you, not parts of you.
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    Mar 18, 2007 9:13 AM GMT
    also have the same problem (lost 80#) and still trying to tighten it up. Also, more apparent when bending over. I do the excercises and cardio and watch what I eat, but so far, haven't managed to fine-tune that area. Let me know if you discover something that works!
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    Mar 18, 2007 5:32 PM GMT
    I had this problem too. I lost about 80lbs in a matter of about nine or ten months and I was left with extra skin. It seems to have tightened mostly by itself at this point (it's been two years or so) but it's still a little bit loose. I think that it just goes back to normal with time and enough excercise.

    Still, I know it's hard, but as someone mentioned don't let it get to you. The fact that you lost so much weight is already quite an achievement and anyone that wants to be with you has to appreciate you for the person that you are, "flaws" and all because I'm sure everyone else has "flaws" too that YOU will have to appreciate.

    Best of luck.

    *HUG* :)
  • phill

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    Apr 07, 2007 1:01 AM GMT
    This seems to be a problem for more men than i thought. I went from 285lbs to 145lbs and i have extra skin issues on both my chest as well as my abdomen. Im doing pilaties and it seems to work well to tone that area. As far as the chest goes for me i can only assume that i have to build enough muscle to bulk up that area so that i can fill in naturally.

    My partner doesnt seem to mind but he often says your so damn sexy and what not to help me get over it but its still something that bothers me. That and my body is charecterized by intense stretchmarks as well. So no body shots for me. although he said he didnt notice them until i showed him which is an interesting thing.

    anywho good luck man i guess the key is finding someone whom doesnt care what you look like as long as you suck dick well ;รพ
  • GQjock

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    Apr 08, 2007 11:33 AM GMT
    Yes..this is a common problem for people after large amts of weight loss
    ..depending on how long ago this weightloss occurred will determine if you're gonna see any further reduction n the excess skin
    if it was fairly recent you may see some reduction if it was longer...probably not
    The skin as we age losses its elasticity and excess weight stretches it like a balloon
    as we "let the air out" so to speak the skin doesn't shrink back all the way>>>skin folds
    ...now...if this bothers you..yes a tummy tuck maybe your only answer
    but if it's mild and you're happy with your new hot bod :)
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    Jun 05, 2007 11:10 PM GMT
    When I was about 16 I went from over 200 lbs to 140 in less than a year. While getting rid of all that weight was great I ended up with stretch marks on my arms and sides. When I turned 20 I started gaining weight and got back to around 200.
    I wanted to get rid of it again but I was afraid of getting more stretch marks. My friend suggested cocoa butter. She has had 3 children and has fluctuated between 130 and 210. The lucky bitch does not have one stretch mark on her body! Her husband, who is a dermatologist and a track runner, suggested it. He says it doesn't get rid of stretch marks :( but regular use can prevent and greatly reduce the visibility of stretch marks. So buying a lotion that has a high amount of cocoa butter and using it every time after you shower is a good idea. Also they sell 100% cocoa butter sticks and those are great for getting your problem areas where you already have stretch marks.
    I hope this helps!
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    Jun 05, 2007 11:33 PM GMT
    I loss 62 lb in less than 6 month . I definetely have this problem. My top abdominal start to show some defination of stomach muscle , but the lower potion have this bag of extra skin. If anyone know how to get rid of it , please do share. I use to have it under my chin also, but now have gone away.

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    Dec 04, 2007 1:16 AM GMT
    I have lost a fair amount of weight and know a bit about the "inconvenience" and sometimes embarrasment of excess skin. I went from 410 lbs to 180 in 15 months, a couple of years ago. For the vast majority of my body , the skin has "sucked up" pretty well. I still have "extra" or "loose skin", on my back, butt, chest, face and torso. I am still looking for the perfect non-surgical fix, but have taken a few suggestions to heart on a daily basis.

    1)EAT a health and balanced diet, over 6-8 meals and snacks a day.

    2)Drink your WATER...H2O. For men, if you weigh 150 lbs, drink 64 oz, minimum, over the day. For every 5 additional lbs, add 8 oz of water. Do not drink less than 48 oz of water, daily, regardless of how light you are. Add for hot days and hard work outs and "high" protein intake.

    3)PROTEIN! its not just for bodybuilders, but for everyone! Protein is what the body repairs and builds with. Supplement if needed...your minimum daily intake of protein should be no less than 0.5g of protein per pound of body weight, in lbs, MINIMUM.

    4)Get your vitamins, minerals and aminos!

    5) Use a GOOD moisturizer every day and after every shower, bath or swim. Try mixing in 2 oz of moisturizer for 1 oz of hemoroid cream and apply liberally. Be careful around the eyes! This mix is a "Hollywood" special!

    6) Exercise! Do your weightlifting! It lubricates the skin and fills the skin with muscles, not fat....

    Good luck!
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    Dec 04, 2007 1:32 AM GMT
    Second the above ^

    Went from 400 to my current weight of 229. I've made sure to do it slowly but surely, I think very fast weight loss is the problem. I have also added a lot of muscle to replace the fat, so only area I have an issue with is stomach.

    Also suggest the vitamins, water and lotion. And just keep working out.