Rudy Ray Moore died last week, of diabetes at the age of 81. If you've never heard of Rudy, he was a groundbreaking black nightclub comic in the early 70s. His over-the-top raunchy humor inspired a generation of black comics, and his rhyming routines, backed by bluesy lounge music, were an early precursor to modern rap. Richard Pryor and 2 Live Crew each said they were strongly influenced by Rudy. The Wayans Brothers appropriated some of his material for their movie "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka" (remember the "Pimp of the Year" competition?). He made a few movies himself that were unwatchably poor, but the live recordings of his nightclub act are priceless.

If you want to check out his humor, follow this link:

All of his routines are pretty funny, but the true classics are "Dolemite", "Shine and the Great Titanic", and especially "The Signifying Monkey".