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    Sep 09, 2007 5:13 AM GMT
    hi all, i apologize if i am not posting this to the right forum, but i am a 25 year old male, looking for a personal trainer in new haven, ct. access to the payne whitney gym at yale would be excellent, but if not, maybe we can work something else out

    also, i am definitely looking for someone who is certified, and would like advice on both diet and exercise. i'm looking to build muscle (esp. arms and chest - so ideally would want a trainer who himself had good arms and chest so that he has experience with the same types of exercises), and looking to lose a bit of fat that i've unfortunately gained recently. i am a former competitive athlete, but unfortunately getting older and i unfortunately have a body that puts on weight quickly!

    anyway, please send me an email here if you might be interested... thanks very much!

  • GQjock

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    Sep 09, 2007 2:03 PM GMT
    There are a lot of personal trainers on this site and you're likely to get a lot of good advice from them...
    but when I'm looking for a trainer I make sure that they are certified which unfortunately doesn't do much
    but the main thing is I look for someone who's got the same type of body that I'm aiming for
    which likely means he's going to understand what my goals are and how to get me there
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    Sep 09, 2007 5:42 PM GMT
    GQ, I'm going to ask you to rethink that position....

    First - the shape your body takes is greatly determined by genetics. This is not to say you can't arrange the muscular bulk to some degree, but whether or not someone has the body you want has no bearing on whether they can help you get the body you are capable of building.

    If the former were true, hell, I'd hire either Bobby Paris or maybe Sagi Kalev - but if I did exactly what they did for the next 10 years I wouldn't have a body that even slightly resembled theirs.

    In fact, what you're doing can actually work to your disadvantage. Many people with outstanding physiques are very gifted physically - their bodies WANT to grow - they look sideways at a dumbell and their arms are suddenly 18". Most of us are not that way, and they have no concept of what it is like to be any different.

    In short - pick a trainer because they have a good reputation for helping clients get RESULTS. Not because they HAVE the body you want, but because they can teach YOU how to get the body you want.