I personally request you seriously consider a vote for the Democratic Presidential & Vice Presidential nominees [respectively]: Senator Barack Obama & Senator Joe Biden.

Please visit www.barackobama.com to learn about the many positive methodologies and plans they have to commence a plan of action to heal, rebuild and repair this country's citizens, environment, health care, jobs, finances, etc., plus heal and repair its relationships with other countries around the globe.

And, if you are still unclear or unsure who to vote for, please go to the following websites for a bevy of information, analysis and opinion:


Don't be misled by the GOP's: art of political distraction, hypocrisy and lies; negative propaganda, their many myths of the term "liberal;" trickle down immorality; their secrecy and deceit; and, their hate towards a citizen's right to dissent.

This is your/our opportunity to FINALLY be heard. Your singular vote sends a message so powerful throughout this country and around the world - that to refrain from it permits a great loss in our society. VOTE!

And, when you vote, please vote DEMOCRATIC. Remember, we live in a democracy, not a monarchy or dictatorship (although many Republicans in power would prefer it that way).

The television show, Heros boasts the line, "Save the Cheerleader, [You] Save the World." . . . . Well, tomorrow the mindset should be: "Vote Democratic: Heal, Repair & Rebuild Us All."

Thank You,