Foreskin Restoration Coming

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    Nov 05, 2008 1:06 PM GMT
    After a fellow Realjock member mentioned foreskin restoration I have decided to do it myself. I have always thought about restoring my foreskin. The tip of penis is VERY sensitive and often gets sore quickly during sex.

    I have decided to try the TLC tugger as my tool of choice.
    Has anyone else restored his foreskin?
    My partner is uncircumcised and he supports me in this effort,

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    Nov 05, 2008 2:27 PM GMT
    If you read my comments to another foreskin thread, which may be the one you reference, then I won't need to repeat them here for you. It's good that your partner is involved with the decision, and can give you support, because it's a long procedure.

    The double cone method of the TLC Tugger should be one of the faster of the stretching methods, though I haven't used it. It might also lessen the "loose sleeve" effect, where a surgical narrowing is sometimes necessary to create a foreskin tip, rather than having an open tube.

    It doesn't require taping, either, which Is good, but you still have the awkwardness of the elastic on your leg (unless you choose the TLC-X model), and disassembling the thing in a public restroom. I'll be curious to know how it works for you.
  • xysx

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    Dec 09, 2008 6:53 AM GMT
    Now that it's been a month, share with us your experience through the beginner's phase, plz. Also, how did you decide on the TLC device you chose?
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    Jul 16, 2012 1:38 PM GMT
    I have try'd the Tugger, and researched the other methods that are out on the market and finally I came upon this web site, and the device is called the DTR, the DTR works on multiple levels, all using the same device, 1. it uses a push, pull method... i.e. Utilizing Dual Tension, 2. using it as a Tugging Unit, 3. Weighted Method, and the 4. The Air Method... Every different technique has its own advantages, by which it expands and re-grows/generates the foreskin... This guy has documented the regrowth process with pictures and makes the device in his work shop...
    Make sure to check it out.