Internal Hemorrhoids & Anal Sex

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    Jul 07, 2013 6:20 PM GMT
    I'm 29 and up until three months ago anal sex was never a problem.

    Then it started to hurt and I bled each time. I don't have insurance at the moment so I couldn't get it checked out. Thankfully i have a nurse friend who actually had a look for me and said I had an internal hemorrhoid.

    It doesn't hurt any other time, and it doesnt bother me when I go to the bathroom either. Only during sex.

    Now I'm bottom/vers and I feel like the bottom who can't bottom haha.

    Everything I have read is that Anusol or Prep H only helps with pain, itch or burning which i don't typically have unless its after sex. A friend had told me to use the prep h suppositories anyway and it may just go away in a few months.

    I am wondering if anyone out there who has had this problem can tell me what they did or are doing to get rid of it? I'm not fond of the idea of not being able to have sex ever again without pain or bleeding.

    My diet is not horrible I eat a mix of healthy and non (I am gluten and dairy intolerant so I try to stay away from both, though I do slip up at times). I am a bit overweight, but not obese by any means, but have been actively working out for the past year on a normal basis.

    My stress levels are a little high but they have definitely been worse in the past and I've never had this problem before.

    Just hoping to see if there is a light at the end of the tunnel...

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    Jul 07, 2013 7:56 PM GMT
    Precaution: Not a docta, just a person with same issue. AND every person's body is unique and different.

    Patrick's Guide to Hemorrhoids ;)

    As you mentioned in your thread, the big things are diet, stress/strain, and treatment.

    Cutting straight to the point of diet, its more about how easily you pass in the bathroom than nutrition. Yes... eat well and be very aware of your gluten and dairy intolerance, but more importantly is to keep a close tab on how easily it is to go to the bathroom. Simple correlation such as,

    "2 plain hamburgers and a cup of water - going to the
    bathroom was easy"

    compared to

    "2 hamburgers with mozzarella and french fries - IT HURT"

    So watch yourself, and remember diets are personal. Make small alterations, test out fiberful diets that include bountiful vegetable fibers. As a trick, microwave a bag of frozen vegetables (squash, carrots, zucchini). Even with a perfect diet, the hemorrhoids will come unless you control stress/strain.

    To many people thinking about controlling and reducing strain of the lower body is disgusting. As a bottom gay male it shouldn't be much of an issue. It all comes down to how often and how hard you strain on your anus. This can happen while working out, walking, anal sex, sitting, when stressed, basically ANYTIME. So pinpointing it... that's tricky. You'll have to do two things.

    #1 Learn to feel when you are straining.
    #2 STOP IT. Or learn to reduce the strain ;).

    When do we strain our anal muscles? If you aren't aware of the muscle, almost all the damn time. This warrants some personal exploration! If you can, find your own solution, but these are a few of tricks.

    (To be done in a personal place)

    Trick 1: Do an exercise that WILL strain the anal muscle. Do some squats, and feel with your fingers what goes on.
    Trick 2: While in the shower, feel the anal glands. If they are tense, try to loosen up mentally. Massaging gently and patience will tremendously

    Other half of my post didn't go thru, if got any questions, send a message. Im a guru of the hems ;)
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    Jul 08, 2013 12:53 PM GMT
    Your nurse friend is wrong! Internal hemorrhoids do NOT hurt because there aren't any nerve endings in the rectum. If your hemorrhoids hurt, they're external. Also, the only way to know if you have internal hemorrhoids is with an anal papsmear. I seriously doubt your nurse friend did this because that would mean going to a hospital or clinic and getting a doctor to perform the procedure.

    Your experience with Prep H is accurate. The med only relieves the symptoms but it does not make the hemorrhoids go away. Your body will do that on its own. A couple of suggestions:

    1. Maintain a good fiber diet for obvious reasons.
    2. Take a warm bath. The warm water will open the blood vessels and rush blood to the site to speed healing.
    3. Take a break from bottoming until you're healed.

    Once you are healed, take your time bottoming. If you notice the hemorrhoids coming back, then you need to seek medical attention because your condition may be chronic which means it will not go away until you seek the help of a physician. Good luck!!
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    Jul 12, 2013 12:47 AM GMT
    I agree with both AFGGuy and Erik101 but would expand on what they're both saying.

    AFGGuy is right about the straining, but learning not to strain is not going to help; you have to eliminate the need to strain and not need to use any effort when taking a dump. When you take a dump it should take minimal effort and what comes out should be very wet and soft and not retain any of its shape when it hits the water.

    As Erik101 said, maintaining a good level of fiber in your diet is important. But not just important, crucial.

    My problem is that I can't eat regular meals and maintain the necessary amount of fiber that my gastrointestinal system requires. The solution I discovered, many years ago, is eating substantial amounts of wheat bran. Surprisingly, I only need to eat it once a day, which for me is breakfast. The quantity I'm eating is 80 grams. I'm not sure how much that would be by volume and for something as fluffy like wheat bran, measuring by volume (e.g., cups) is going to be chancy. I would guess that it's roughly about 1.5 cups. I used to be able to eat high fiber cereals like All Bran and Fiber One but they've lost their effectiveness.

    The problem with wheat bran is that it's bitter and until you get used to it it's rather yucky. My morning breakfast recipe is 80 grams of wheat bran, 40 grams of rolled oats, 40 grams of diced dried fruit, 50 grams of undiluted frozen fruit juice (one that doesn't have added sugar and I change to a different flavor when the current one runs out), and 220 grams of soy milk. Also some spices; 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, etc. I cook it using a pressure cooker; it's in a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup sitting on a trivet in the pressure cooker with water under and around it an inch high. It gets cooked for 5 minutes then it takes the pressure cooker about 15 minutes for the pressure to go down. After it's cooked I slice a banana over it, stir that in, and pour some almond milk over it; it's too stiff to eat without more liquid. I used to cook it in the microwave but I think the electric pressure cooker uses less electricity and they have an automatic keep warm thing that keeps it hot so you can start it going before you get in the shower.

    I don't know if it's still done but people used to have a proctologist surgically remove them. I kind of feel like they're an early warning system for me; when they start hurting it's because I've been lax about eating my daily bran mush; usually when I'm traveling.
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    Jul 12, 2013 12:54 AM GMT
    I forgot to add that in my recipe the oats help alleviate the bitterness of the wheat bran. Oats are also good for you in other ways.

    Psyllium husks are supposed to be good for adding fiber to your diet but I have problems with that. If I don't drink a ton of water with psyllium husks they end up having the opposite effect; plugging up my gastrointestinal system. So that means adding a teaspoon to a large glass of water, which makes the water taste yucky. Whatever liquid you add it to is going to taste worse after you add the psyllium husks.

    Your local health food store will have wheat bran. It's really cheap. Oat bran doesn't work the same way; it's a water soluble fiber and you need a non water soluble fiber which is what wheat bran is.
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    Aug 14, 2020 8:42 AM GMT
    If you have experienced new hemorrhoids, do not allow any anal penetration by someone else (at all) until you’ve healed. Most health care providers recommend "sitz baths" - baths where you soak your anus - two times a day for one to two weeks (depends on how quickly you heal).
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    Aug 16, 2020 8:39 AM GMT
    Erik101 wrote:
    " Also, the only way to know if you have internal hemorrhoids is with an anal papsmear."

    This is incorrect. Your primary care doctor or any other trained PA/NP/MD can easily diagnose internal hemorrhoids via anoscopy, which is an office-based procedure.