The Real News about Marriage Equality

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    Nov 06, 2008 11:25 PM GMT
    On the front page of the New York Times today, reporters Jesse McKinley and Laurie Goodstein assert that the success of anti-gay marriage iniatives in California, Arizona and Florida has “ignited a debate about whether the movement to expand the rights of same-sex couples had hit a cultural brick wall.” That, frankly, is ridiculous. Here’s why:

    Today’s story noted that Barack Obama is “opposed to same-sex marriages.” It omitted the fact that Obama was also opposed to proposition 8, which he described as a “divisive and discriminatory” effort “to amend the California Constitution."
    Obama is the first presidential candidate ever to preach against black homophobia in the sermons he has delivered in black churches across America.
    Because Democrats captured the New York State Senate this week, marriage equality–already passed by the New York state Assembly and endorsed by the New York governor–is now certain to be enacted in the next session of the New York legislature;
    Similar majorities now exist in New Jersey to convert that state from civil unions to full marriage equality within the next eighteen months;
    A Connecticut measure calling for a constitutional convention to overturn last month’s court decision in favor of marriage equality was defeated on Tuesday;
    Collectively, the events in these three states will soon create a new marriage equality corridor, stretching from Massachusetts to New Jersey.
    Every national survey of the last twenty years shows that each new generation of Americans is more tolerant of sexual equality than the one that preceded it.

    Therefore, this week’s victories for the religious right in California, Arizona and Florida are really the last gasp of a fringe movement trying to forestall the inevitable, rather than proof of a new “cultural brick wall.”
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    Nov 07, 2008 3:52 AM GMT
    Thanks Caslon for this. I get so lost in CA news that I forget about the fights in other states. Deeply appreciated.