I Love You

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    Sep 12, 2007 2:25 PM GMT
    I say it to my mom and brothers every time we're about to hang up the phone.

    I say it to close friends when the context has been an important conversation. I never say it if I think it will be misconstrued.

    Love is so many different things to so many different relationships. Expressing it without fear of being judged is courageous and more people should do it.
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    Sep 12, 2007 2:30 PM GMT
    If I remember correctly Latin has 36 variations for the word love.

    Like you I say it frequent it doesnt mean it has less value, but I think Its nice to show appreciation, but I dont say it friends its simply not th English way
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    Sep 12, 2007 2:50 PM GMT
    I say it daily to numerous people. My best friend who i talk to more than daily gets the most of my "I Love You"s.

    Her song asked her one time after her and i got off the phone and said "Why do you tell Alexander you love him when you get off the phone with him, but you never say it to dad?"

    She had to explain to him that some people can say those words a lot easier than others.

    My dad never told me he loved me, and i dont say it to him anymore. But my mother and i say it to each other a lot.

    I have never said that to any of my exes who are still friends, but they know that i love them and appreciate them.

    An aside to all that, i pretty much live in extremes... I either love things, or hate them... i don't just "like" stuff. I love horror movies, and Madonna, and cats... i hate comedies, and Moo-riah Carey, and dogs... so saying "I love you" is easy to me. And in my warped little head... i mean it.

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    Sep 12, 2007 5:24 PM GMT
    Again, I understand that in English, because there are so few ways of saying I love you (actually only the one that I know), it seems possible to overuse it. The fact that you can use it for food or things is unfortunate. In Spanish and the few other languages I am familiar with that would make no sense.

    In English, I end many conversations with my close friends and family by saying, "love you, ciao." The odd thing is i can honestly say at that moment I believe it.

    I love my brothers and sisters with such intensity that I can honestly say it all the time, and sometimes even in the middle of a fight.

    But when you have ways of nuancing the word, it becomes more clear what you are feeling as you voice it. I can say to my ex bf I love him in a way that articulates how much I care about him, but am not in love with him (te quiero, in context it speaks to how I loved him and love in still in a way - although this phrase may usually be reserved for lovers). On an aside I have been dating guys since I was in the 5th grade and am friends with all of my ex's save one.

    Another element may be the idea of neediness. Perhaps someone who comes across as needy and says, "I love you," frequently, may appear to be watering it down, or it may make someone appear needy.

    Perhaps knowing the person helps to put the phrase in context and the nuances that are not explicit come out in body language, history, and that unspoken understanding of communicated between close souls.

    Without making this about me, but to explain my thinking on this, I live life with a passion for people. I believe all my money and resources are for investing in my community. Everything I do points towards that work which is where my greatest happiness lies. When I'm not dating I don't feel alone as I know I am loved and respected and don't need one man to make me happy. So when I say I love you to my friends, it is a celebration of not only what I feel but a thank you for being there in my life.

    I told one of my friends that my relationship with him was among one of my greatest achievements. I really mean that. I think love of any sort is the best achievement possible and just because there is lots of it does not mean that it is to be taken lightly.
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    Sep 13, 2007 11:10 PM GMT
    Life is good, say "I love you" as much as possible and mean it.
    I have a friend (a real gay friend...not sexual) and broke the ice with "I love you" and it made me feel real good about our relationship and it made me feel even better knowing that he means it.
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    Sep 14, 2007 12:11 AM GMT
    When someone tells me they love me all the time i get suspecious of them!
    I KNOW when people love me, they dont have to put it into so many words for me to know that they love me.

    I think actions speak louder than words.

    And btw i am the romantic type! only i dont use those 3 words that often. No ones ever complained or even realized.