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    Nov 08, 2008 6:07 AM GMT
    I'm feeling emotions over this prop eight thing. Once I learned the results of the voting, I felt immediate pain. I knew I could find solace and catharsis here with all of you, but so far, every room is full of anger and conjecture. I just want to feel the pain over this. I don't want to be cheered up, instead I want to give this pain the credence it deserves. If anyone feels the same, I want everyone who post here to talk of the sadness (not the anger) they feel over this. Because I can't eject all of the humor, post with your comment something you think might give the guy below you that little push he needs to finally let the water works flow over this!

    My feeling about prop 8 was this: I hear all this talk about gay culture being over the top and unstable. I agree, but i think it has to be because our roots are inbedded in so much pain. I thought gay marriage in a big important state like California would finally give us something normal so that we could inturn embrace that normal thing and maybe some would rub off. I am not talking about conforming, I just mean the adoption of a positive.

    I always turn to this girl when I need some good tear letting. I picked this song because looks like any of us won't be cherishing the day anytime soon.
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    Nov 08, 2008 5:20 PM GMT

    "For there those who had taken us prisoners made request for a song; and those who had taken away all we had gave us orders to be glad, saying, Give us one of the songs of Zion."
    psalm 137:3


    But it IS good to show those that have persecuted you,
    and have taken away your rights,
    that they cannot crush your love,
    cannot silence your voice,
    and cannot rob you of your joys.

    Tears, wet, burn with a contradictory fire.
    They fall like shooting stars, lighting up the night
    and darkness brought by the uncaring,
    the incurious and the self-righteous. -Doug
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    Nov 08, 2008 5:40 PM GMT
    When it happened to us in Hawaii not too long ago I cried for months.
    I felt the disconnect, that I was standing out in the open all alone more vulnerable than a naked newborn w/o a blanket to wrap in.

    For weeks I walked around numb thinking how can anyone do this to our
    segment of the population. I listened as church people ministers, pastors, lay preachers and prayer leaders put their spin on the result of that vote.
    That spin made me feel dirty, worthless, less than. I was younger then and my heart still had soft places left for "that spin" to find and stabb.

    It took a year to trust any one straight who was neither my family , close friends or work mates. I felt the sadness of CA this time around too.

    I have since found solace in drumming. I belong to a drumming group of diverse ethnicities. As varied of what kind of drum; conga, bongos, timbale, hand held native american, yupik/innuit seal skin, japanese taiko, Gaelic hand held, Tahitian toere, powwow, samba and Greek waist held the diversed ethnicities represented,,,,Senegalese, Fulani, Sikh, Hawaiian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Haitian, Ethiopian, Chilean, Samoan, Fijian, Irish, German, Guyanese, Uzbeki, Tongan, Taiwanese, Native American- Lummi, Nisqually, Blood, Gwichen, Kootenai, Pequot, Oneida, Haida, Potowatomi, Kickapoo, Inner City Delaware, Chumash, Comanche, Ipay, Dine and Shawnee we even had represenation from Watts LA and Overton, Miami FL.

    We drummed sad that day when we lost our version of Prop 8.
    We drummed 3 hours straight to celebrate Obama.
    We added 2 more hours in solidarity for CA's prop 8.
    We'll be drumming again today.
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    Nov 08, 2008 6:44 PM GMT
    I have been truly sadened by this also. Since coming out totally a couple years ago I have fought with my family and finally been somewhat accepted, everyone at work knows and have had no problems was somewhat good as far as being accepted.

    I feel like this has picked me up and thrown me back in the closet so to speak. It makes me wonder if my family and straight friends had to vote what would they chose after getting to know me and seeing what I go through.

    I guess all of this boils down to religious beliefs and obviously there arent to many religions that are supportive of our lifestyle. Its amazing what people will pick and choose to believe because someone or something tells them its wrong, they dont find out for themselves.

    I feel like we've made some advances...some states have passed laws in our favor. I was really disheartened to hear of the no adoptions for gays in states that have passed. That breaks my heart. I think Melissa Etheridge had a good point saying she wasn't going to pay her taxes since she is not a "full" citizen and is not equal.

    This is a sad time for us right now. Sometimes I wonder why we dont take to the streets like they did in the civil rights movement...organize some sort of protest to make them hear us and make them realize who we are...

    but we would all have to come together as a group, as one and that hasn't been one of our strong points.

    I think of all the hate crimes agains gays for example, Matthew Shephard. Im not advocating we go around and beat straight people up but how often do you hear of a straight guy getting beat up by a gay guy?

    Something has to change for them to take us more seriously. Even though Barack is not for gay marriage hopefully he will assist in some way that will be to our benefit.

    I myself am not sure if I would marry if given the opportunity but I would like for all of us to have the "choice".

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    Nov 08, 2008 6:58 PM GMT

    It's partially our fault .. instead of fighting for our rights we care more about gay pride parades , fashion , sex , clubs , sex , sex ,sex ..

    The black people made it before .. now they have a proof that they aren't discriminated as in the past ..

    Now it's our turn , to have an openely gay president .. and be a little bit more serious in life.. it may take a while ..
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    Nov 08, 2008 8:14 PM GMT

    Our counted sorrows:

    Why must our love be called a lifestyle?
    Why must we know each other by categories? A twink, a bear, a queen, a slut, a bitch, a flooze.....
    All are the knives of language, subtle and cruel, double edged and available to those that would turn them against us, when not using them on ourselves.
    Are we not men?
    Why must our birthright, gay, make us lesser than our fellow man?
    The words of condescending hate are lashes on the backs of our souls.
    They hurt.
    We cry.

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    Nov 08, 2008 8:18 PM GMT
    I understand that your sadness is coming from the realization of just how much hatred is still out there...

    But you can't hide from that fact anymore
    Don't let that sadness paralyze you
    Yes this is a set back but things have been changing
    In a few years we are going to look back on this and think as a nation how horrible things like Prop 8 really were
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    Nov 08, 2008 8:23 PM GMT
    I'm counting myself as one of those who are not happy about the outcome of 8. I noticed how sweet and "lovely" the opposition was in their folksy ads - soft music - smiling middle-of-the-road *Walmart shopper types* portraying regular people with the line, "One man and one woman". Next time around we need more effort and funds poured into this. I gave "till it hurt" and directed a substantial grant from our family foundation - as much as the board would go for without squawking - as did a lot of great guys on here - but we needed to match the money the opposition (including Mormons) put forth. Next time!
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    Nov 08, 2008 9:16 PM GMT
    GuiltyGear is one of my favorite posters. Thanks