It's simple. Go to USTA website and follow the links to find a team in your area and join in. I did it last year after years of wanting to and it was a great experience. Many teams are part of private clubs, but if you join thru USTA, you don't have to be a member of the private club to play on the team, you just have to bay a nominal fee to the club (Mine charged $100) to practice at their facilities and play for the team.

They have leagues for the novice (2.5) up to pros (5.5) and everyone in between. If you don't know your rating, they have a quick self-rating on the website that will get you in the right group.

I started out self-rating at 3.0 and my game has improved greatly in just 6 months of regular play. I'll probably be moving up to 3.5 this year (the USTA adjusts your ratings based on your records in matches).

Get out and play and have fun! If anyone has any questions, send me an e-mail.