Aside from getting angry on Prop. 8, or other discriminatory and obviously anti-gay laws, there are things that people might consider doing.
Here is my own personal list. Others may have different ideas.

- write letters to my US Senators, US House member, state legislators and governor, letting them know of my views and asking their views on specific gay related issues.

- contact organizations & charities that I donate to, and ask if they have a written non-discrimination policy. If they do not, or if it does not include sexual orientation, let them know that I will not continue to donate to them, until this is done. After all, it is my money that they are asking for.

- when making a purchase, especially a large purchase, go with the company that has a good rating on the corporate equality index. Is it perfect, no, but it is better than having no idea at all of the company you are giving your money to.


- if at all possible, avoid giving any business to known to be anti-gay.
Exxon-Mobil scored 0, (so I do not buy gas from them). BP, Chevron, Shell all scored 100!

- Pick a gay rights organization, national or local, and support it.
A few options: HRC, GLAD, Freedom To Marry, ILGA
a much larger list can be found here:

- not be invisible (attend meetings & rallies and not be afraid to speak out when appropriate.