Just curious whether any of you guys "of a certain age" have experienced a spontaneously advancing hair line? If so, was it associated with any obvious lifestyle changes?

In the last week, two people have demanded to know whether I'm using Rogaine or Propecia. I shrugged it off, but looking carefully in the mirror... I'm not sure. Maybe there's some regrowth in the clearcuts.

A few years ago, my hair started getting awfully thin in back and front. I messed around with generic minoxidil from Costco, which just make my head itch and feel greasy all the time. So I trashed it and resigned myself to the Riff-Raff look.

Keeping the hair short seems to disguise the thinning spots, so I lost the pony tail two or three years ago. Since then, I've just forgotten about it.

I have two hypotheses, neither of which are easily tested. A year ago, (when the hair was thinnest) I was under quite a lot of stress (maybe causing borderline depression) which has since eased up. Or possibly is has something to do with a few supplements that I've been taking pretty regularly for a year (fish oil, nitrix, and DHEA.) But none of them have obvious links to hair growth.

On the other hand, maybe my scalp just looks increasingly full, compared to my younger brother (snicker).