In my growth in swimming, I could not do endless laps with the crawl and found using one stroke was incredibly boring. I came up with three solutions:

1. This is not a solution, but simply fun:
Make sure your goggles are clear to crotch watch!

2. Serious solution: develop medleys
-the strokes vary which reduces boredom
-helps keep track of what you have done

3. Instead of counting use go through the rainbow as way of tracking your workout.

Here is my 1350yrd workout:

The medley:
Breast..............................25yds/ 1 length
Side.................................25yds/ 1 length
Freestyle/Back/Butterfly,,.,25yds/ 1 length

I do the medley with each color in mind:
And then start with White and work back to Black

To remember the colors, I look around the pool to see if
I can find each color. I find them in the walls, flags, others
swim gear, kick boards, etc.

Each medley is 75yds x 9 medleys x 2 sets = 1,350yrds (54 lengths)

I feel this gives me a type of HIIT affect with my training. 25yrd of a serious freestyle, back stroke or butterfly really is a workout for me, and going back to the breast and side strokes gets my heart rate back. So I pump my heart up 18 times in this workout.
[I welcome feed back on this]

This might seem complicated, but if you get bored doing the same thing over and over again, it is a great method.

Since I never grew up on a swim team, and with my current stamina issues (next post), the 2x300 etc. type sets don't work for me. I had to develop something that would.

So this is what a 50 year old non-competitive swimmer does.

I also find this method become a form of aerobic meditation.