Weight Gain vs. Bloating vs. Getting Fat vs. ....?

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    Nov 17, 2008 1:30 AM GMT
    OK...so I've been 145 lbs for a long time....like 6 or 7 years....

    I have worked out for a few years and only in the last year have I hit it hard....

    Over the last year I've worked out with a trainer....I did not gain any weight just maintained and nothing spectacular has happened to my body so I decided to stop and lift on my own...

    Over the last 3 weeks I've been hitting it hard... lifting as much as I can low reps...

    I am eating a lot...as I have been told to do.... mostly "clean" but mostly just eating everything ...

    I've jumped from 145# to 155# in the last 3 weeks... although I know I am gaining muscle and can see it in my body I also feel like I look fatter, and yes the pants are a bit tighter....

    what should I do? I want to gain muscle but not get fat....and lose the belly that I've gotten....


    Help a boy!
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    Nov 17, 2008 11:45 AM GMT
    Calories add up to weight gain
    Your body is tuned to saving all the energy that you give it
    so you're going to have to stop some of the extra calories and burn off some of the extras that you gave it before

    The way to do that is by getting on a good lean diet and sticking to it
    and by upping the workout work
    Increasing the days you workout introducing some days of cardio
    an/or by increasing the energy output in each workout
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    Nov 17, 2008 1:15 PM GMT

    Thanks for the advice... I do appreciate it.... I feel like a big whiner when I post sometimes because a lot of folks on here make it look so easy, which I know it's not but nevertheless, they do so I always feel like I'm doing something wrong....

    I don't want to be spending all this time at the gym for nothing if I am not going to see results or if I'm doing it wrong...

    Someone asked me to post my lifting routine so here it is...Remember I don't write things down I just go and do...

    But a typical week for me is:

    Monday: Chest and Back

    4 sets each
    4 different workouts each..
    8-12 reps going up in weight down in reps each set.
    (I do 4 since the first is usually a warmup and light)

    Tuesday: Arms

    Wed: off

    Thursday: Legs

    Friday: Chest again and maybe more arms if I'm up for it.

    I do chest twice since I'm trying to build it up and it is my nemesis.

    I usually do the same workouts each week because another RJ'er told me that switching it up does nothing instead just get more intense.

    I also do not do cardio I was doing a ton forever and didnt see it helping so since I wanted to build I figured I'd stop for a while.

    As far as eating, yes my body is storing, It likes to hold on tight to everything and not let go....Its weird because I'm a small guy (well not everywhere ;) But I am smaller framed, EVERYONE always says "your so skilly" but to be honest I would be happy with skinny, but when I take my shirt off I can see my body holding weight in my belly, lower back and chest, between my nipple and armpit...

    I used to think it was extra water? But now I don't know, Its not bad just enough to be annoying and make me not comfortable yet.... I almost feel like I need to shed it before anything can happen if that makes sense..

    As far as eating....I could be cleaner... I am not an overeater but since I was trying to gain I have been forcing myself to eat more....

    I usually have:

    Breakfast: protein shake mixed with fat free milk and a pack of regular oatmeal with flax seed.

    mid morning: this one is rough since I work a lot from the car but I try to have a snack either some lunch meat, or cashews, yogurt or a few spoons of peanut butter, but if I skip a meal this is the one...

    Lunch: I either stop at a restaurant an have a salad with chick, or eggs and wheat toast..etc

    pre-workout either I eat dinner 2 hours b4 I lift or I have a snack, a sandwich or something

    postwork out shake

    I go to the gym later 7:30pm so when I get home I don eat a lot after, after I drink the shake but If I do I'll have soemthing small again....

    That's about it...sorry for all the info!! But the advice is greatly appreciated!