"Sanctity" of Marriage.

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    Nov 19, 2008 10:44 PM GMT
    If I may I would like to share something I read in the paper yesterday that shocked me and angered me at the same time relating to the "Sanctity" of Hetero Marriage.

    Dear Abby: My wife and I received an invitation from a family member to attend their daughter “Heidi’s” wedding on Father’s Day weekend. We canceled our existing plans in order to attend, and gave “Heidi and Dave” an appropriate gift. As the ceremony progressed, the minister asked, “Do you, Steve, take Heidi”… at which point the guest began whispering to themselves, “STEVE?”
    We were embarrassed, thinking we had made a horrible mistake in addressing the gift care - and we weren’t the only ones. Finally, after much discussion among the guests, someone approached the bride’s mother to ask if we had made a mistake. “Oh, no” she replied, “Dave backed out two weeks ago. Heidi asked Steve if he would marry her, and he said he wasn’t doing anything else this weekend, so why not?”
    I was flabbergasted. Predictably, in less than three weeks, this sham of a marriage was over. Heidi, of course, retained all the gifts.
    My wife says it’s no big deal. I say the bride’s parents should have called the guests and explained the circumstances so they could make an informed decision about attending. I was also raised to believe that in cases such as this, where the commitment to marriage was so obviously missing, that the gifts should be returned. Am I wrong? This has caused a rift in the family
    -Jilted Guest

    Dear Guest: It appears that Heidi and her parents became so involved in the “production” that they forgot the meaning of the wedding - the joining of two people in a lifetime commitment to each other. I am shocked that a minister would go along with such a farce.
    Yes, the wedding should have been called off when the groom backed out. Yes, the guests should have been notified. Yes, any unopened or unused gifts should have been returned. And no, you’re not wrong.

    **am I wrong to be peeved that str8 people can take marriage for granted while gays and lesbians can't even get the rights. What are your thoughts and comments.?
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    Nov 20, 2008 12:04 AM GMT
    It is a well documented fact that sexual orientation has no correlation to human foolishness. Straights can be just as f***ed up as GLBTs. Unfortunately there are a lot of straights that have their heads in the sand and choose to believe in the myth of marital bliss.

    In my life experiences marriages can run the gamut of human emotions. From boring to blissful, from tragic and terrifying to tender and caring.
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    Nov 20, 2008 2:19 AM GMT
    OMG, I read it as well and was going to post it on here. You beat me to it! So many gay people want to get married because they LOVE each other and these two low lives got married just because they had nothing better to do. Of course the religious right and their minions won't even hear it or would find some stupid excuse to justify it.