Does the GOP have an Expiration Date?

  • styrgan

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    Nov 21, 2008 1:29 AM GMT
    I am watching CNN right now, and have been watching the 24-hour news networks all night... regarding the GM bailout and how far the government should go to bailout private industries.

    The Republicans seem to still be in denial regarding the economy, and are proposing the same nonsese we've heard for twenty years.

    Their party does not seem to understand that we are facing new challenges, that the economy is a different and more organic entity than it was in 1980 or even 1994.

    If this party does not develop a new philosophy that excludes tax cuts and includes real solutions for a changing world, I predict that this party will be in ruins by 2010.
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    Nov 21, 2008 3:44 AM GMT
    well Rep or Dem, I don't think we, the US Taxpayers, should be bailing out companies that have been poorly run for umpteen many years. There is a big reason why the big 3 automakers are not making money. They make worse cars than the other automakers like Nissan, Toyota, and the other Japanese based companies. By cowtowing to the powerful unions, the big 3 are paying much higher salaries with benfits that are unheard of and certainly would bankrupt any business. They are the stupid companies that have let this happen though and I don't think any amt of money we give them will solve their loss inducing problems whether it be outrageious salaries and benfits to their CEO's and union labor and their less than ideal cars.

    Are we going to give bailouts to newspapers and magazines when they start folding because demand has lessened due to more people getting their news from online sources and 24 hr news stations? I see that happening nowadays.

    Its called a "free market economy" and the companies that succeed are the ones that produce products that people want at a cost that they are making a profit. Its simple economics. I say let these car companies file for bankruptcy, retool and get better labor models and go from there.

    Companies are going to fold though. Its what happens when technology moves forward and companies get left behind due to their limitations. It will happen more and more with 'green' technology too.
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    Nov 21, 2008 4:20 AM GMT
    The party will be fine. They'll suffer their hits but eventually will come back. Its a 2-party system, and history shows us these things are cyclical.