What's your take on Keeping It Real? Any familiar adages that have adapted in your way of living?

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    Nov 23, 2008 3:31 AM GMT
    As I take a look back at how it was for me, I used to be one of those weak, small frame of mind kind of people. Never one for being completely honest, always sparing people's feelings, beating around the bush, as the old adage says. Now that I have gotten older & a bit wiser at who I keep company with, I have come to learn, as stated in my profile, that you CANNOT please everyone around you, being its your family, friends, loved ones, whoever. There is only one star player that you have to please when you look at yourself in the mirror as you awake in the morning--yourself. As stated, I used to be a bit of a pushover & let people walk all over me & yet people loved me for it. So I decided to start pleasing myself, growing a backbone, a very SOLID backbone & started standing up for myself & people started to hate me for it, which I didn't mind. When its all said & done, I would prefer to be hated for who I really am instead of being loved for someone I'm not. When I started seeing things for what they are, I started saying what was on my mind. I started being more blunt, more open & more, I guess, for those who know where I come from, I started being more real about it; for who can't handle the truth when its brought to them, I was called "bitter". Others call it being plain out rude, others think that there are times you need to put a filter between the brain & the mouth, go figure. I just say it's saying what's on your mind & letting others know where you come from. When people ask for the truth, I say that honesty is the best policy, no matter how you look at it. When I am asked of the truth, I will not beat around the bush about it. One thing I also learned is...for every person who keeps it real, there are gonna be haters. They will look at you like they caught the damned flu bug. Haters, period, hate on REAL mofos. They hate on you, as well as, everything you say, next to, every move you make, basically, they HATE ON everything about you. When they give you that sick in the face look, your best bet is to just be laid back & laugh at their expense because the hater IS the joke. My grandmother, may she rest in peace, never did beat around the bush. She had people that hated on here left & right, because she always brought it to the table & kept it real. There were some old adages that I became familiar with over the years--

    Fat means greasy
    What goes around comes around
    It is what it is...
    It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings

    Are there any familiar adages that you have come accustomed to over the years as you get or have gotten older?

    Thoughts please??
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    Nov 23, 2008 3:47 AM GMT
    True dat. Everything you said.