I'm still friends with someone I dated a while ago. We get along well, as friends with "no benefits". I have a number of friends with no benefits.

My friend was upset about his work situation, and while we were having lunch I took his hand and held it for a few minutes to comfort him.

The next day we spoke...he was upset because he took the gesture as a come on.....that I was intrested sexually. I did not mean it that way.

If I already sense the guy is sexually interested I wouldn't touch him if I didn't feel the same.....

It's happened before with other guys. I don't believe I am flrting, just being myself. I like to touch people in a non sexual way. ( a pat/rub on the back etc.)

Am I being stupid? Naive? It's making me think I should not be so friendly ths way. Yes, I do have friends with no benfits where touching doesn't spark sexual interest, but occasionally, my touching is misunderstood.

Are you tactile?