I've always been told that to burn fat you need to ensure that you're doing as much cardio as possible per week. However, I was reading an article this morning that indicated muscles burn more calories than fat. So they seemed to think that strength training should be a very essential part of any weight/fat loss problem.

Specifically, the article stated that "Strength training burns fat because muscle burns calories at a higher rate than fat. Each pound of fat burns only 5 calories, but a pound of muscle burns 35-50 calories. So, just by adding 3 pounds of muscle, your body will burn 105-150 more calories. By adding 8 pounds of muscle, you’ll burn an extra 280-400 calories each day without a workout."

So to me, it would seem that if someone wants decrease their body fat percentage, then they should increase their strength training routine. However, the thing I am unsure about is whether these muscles will be burning as many calories during a cardio work out. Perhaps they will only be burn these many calories during the strength training?

Another idea I had was that perhaps you should build muscles in the areas that will get worked during your cardio routine. So if you only run, then perhaps you should build strength in your legs. If you do elliptics with arms and legs moving, then perhaps you should build strength in both the arms and legs to burn more calories during your cardio workout?

What do you guys think?