Just two blocks from my apartment there is an Oom Yung Doe school that has been in town over 15 years. To quote something in Disney, I am presently 'Happy, fat and lazy" lol But not really that happy and I am hoping to get a lot from signing up for this. I stopped by while away from work yesterday afternoon and then went for a free class last night and while it burned my legs and challenged me, it felt good. The whole component of 'self' and focus is something I want/need and having the instructor felt really good. It has been a long time since I had a coach in anything and it really pushed me further than I would go on my own. It was nice. Info on the form is below, any thoughts?


Also, the instructor I met with is kinda cute. You tell me; he has been doing this for over 6 years, is 30 and finished his MFA (Master of Fina Arts) last year but is pursuing the martial arts for the time being. He is gay, isn''t he?

All this combined with a student where I work who wants to help me get ripped (who is ripped himself) should make the next few months very productive for me. Let's hope so!