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    Nov 26, 2008 7:01 PM GMT
    hey all.
    just writing to say i'll be out skiing aspen from December 17th to the 23rd ish of this year on our school ski trip along with a few fraternity brothers... just wondering three things, since i've never been:

    1) what are the best slopes? i'm a good skier and spent a week doing double black diamonds two years ago on the school trip to SteamBoat, CO.

    but i hate moguls lol

    2) is anyone else going to be out there during that week? it'd be fun to meet up with some RJ-ers for skiing or hot chocolate.

    3) any other random advice for a first-timer at Aspen? :p

  • treader

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    Nov 26, 2008 10:46 PM GMT
    I went to Aspen's gay ski week in 2007. It was my only time at Aspen. Highlands was the most challenging mountain (and the coldest). If you're a more advanced skier, look into Highland Bowl. You have to hike up to it. I thought that i heard about guided runs on the backside too. (I didn't do these runs. I'm not at that level.) SnowMass was a lot of fun and had some interesting trails. Loves the trail 'Long Shot' thru the woods. Aspen Mt is right there in the town. It's very convenient.

    Flying and out of the Aspen airport was my worst travel experience - ever. They close the airport at the drop of a snowflake. Have some serious alternate backup travel plans. We got re-routed to Grand Junction and had to pay through the nose for a shuttle to Aspen. Delta lost my board arriving then lost my suitcase returning. The aspen airport personnel just don't seem to care.

    Aspen is pretty expensive. There are some more moderate place to eat. I'll have to look them up. Wait, the Hotel Jerome bar/restaurant was one of them. It's a great place to grab a beer and watch a game too.

    Have a great time. Hope that you have a better time flying in and out.
  • i1snow

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    Dec 06, 2008 4:53 AM GMT
    I also went to Aspen in 2007 for the first time. Like threader said, Highlands bowl will be the most challenging area (and the coldest). I did not have enough time to find out which slope is the best but I enjoyed the most trails. Since double black diamonds are not groomed (if it can be groomed, I do not think that it is not double black diamonds), you can't avoid moguls icon_razz.gif but it should not be that bad.

    Since you are an advanced skier, you can skip Buttermilk. Keep in mind that the mountains in Snowmass/Aspen are very far from each other so it is advisable to stick with one mountain per day. Also, if you plan to take public transportation to get to the mountains, you need to get some help on the bus route and give yourself some time to get there - one day it took about 45 minutes because I had to transfer to a different routes. Thankfully that was the only time I had to take a bus - I still give my thanks to the driver of my group!!

    You will have fun. I hope that you will get tons of snow!!