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    Nov 27, 2008 2:48 PM GMT
    Hey guys.... first post on hear that I can remember. Here's what prompted the post. My partner took photos of me last night- shirtless..... I was going to show everyone my progress and then I saw the photo and said OMG- I have way more work to do.

    So, I found a photo of me from 16 years ago when I was 22. I want those abs and body back. It is the one of me on the beach- gosh I loved my body back then. Now, I am realistic but I have goals too.

    Since July I have taken off 21 pounds. I am decidated and committed to the gym and eat very well. Healthy snacking in between main meals. Cheat some occasions. No fast food at all. I have done well for about 5 months worth of work- but I am impatient. I want those abs when I was 22. Many of you with those shirtless photos have great looking abs. I want great looking abs. Perhaps, I need to be happy and patient. Early summer I was a size 42.... now I am comfortable 40 and a tight 38- I really want that 36.

    What is the secret? How do I take the ab fat off and keep it off. Not looking for a quick fix..... Any practical ideas, encouragement or stories about how you have lost belly fat and kept it off? I welcome and thank you for posting.

    Happy Thanksgiving and best of luck to all you regarding your fitness goals!

    -- Mike

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    Nov 27, 2008 3:50 PM GMT
    I'm afraid there is a good chance you will gain it all back if you are doing it strictly for vanity. I would suggest you find an athletic interest or two that you can't live without. A sport that you love and that pushes your endurance limits will take off weight without you even realizing it is happening. If you do running don't just run on a treadmill. Try getting out to some nice wooded trails in a scenic setting. Biking is a great sport that's hard not to love but make sure your ride in a hilly terrain and don't just limit yourself to flat paths. Mountain biking is really exciting and you will develop all kinds of athletic skills.

    The best part about being passionate about a sport is that the gym becomes gravy and you will enjoy it even more. Pretty soon your whole lifestyle has changed and you will never look back.
  • GQjock

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    Nov 27, 2008 5:27 PM GMT
    Well Bravo for the changes that you've already made for yourself
    But the world is your limit as far as where you can take yourself

    Set some goals ...
    stick to a good gym workout and clean diet and you'll see the changes you can make

    There IS no secret
    You Know what you need to do
    Whether you do it or not is completely up to you
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    Nov 27, 2008 7:47 PM GMT
    Hey, what happened to you happened to me and I suspect most younger guys on this site will go through it as well at some stage of their lives (usually late 20s - early 30s).

    There is no quick fix, you just have to keep at it. And it takes time. I did find it helpful to actually deliberately incorporate plateaus into my regime, so for about 2 weeks every 6 weeks i would eat more and exercise less, then go back to my usual routine and the weight loss would continue.

    I found that when didn't do this I would hit plateaus that went for weeks, even months.