K1...grasping for ratings or legit scandal? (Badr Hari vs. Remi Bojanski match)

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    Dec 08, 2008 11:42 PM GMT
    (note...before you other home page buzzards start off with "who the fuck cares" and similar snark please note that I posted this in the kickboxing forum)

    I was watching HDNet this weekend and got sucked into the K1 semis and finals. In the semis I had a "semi" of my own for Moroccan Badr Hari. Haha.

    Anyway, what he did in the finals totally turned me off. For those who didn't see it, Badr continued to punch Remy even as Remy was on the mat and being protected by the ref. Badr even stomped on his head. Eventually he was red carded and Remi became champ.

    From what I understand this is the world finals of the sport, or at least holds significant prestige. It was shocking to see such self-destruction at this level. Then again, this is my first exposure to the sport. Does anyone know if this is par for the course, or even just a disturbing trend? I ask because up until that point I was at the edge of my seat, jumping around the living room at times, totally drawn in by the action, and thinking I might casually follow K1.

    I remember watching the World Wrestling Federation in the '80s and seeing staged controversy in pro wrestling, so I may have some learned skepticism here. Well, that and the excruciatingly long K1 fighter introductions bear a resemblance as well.

    Does anyone who regularly follows this stuff wanna help clarify?

    Here's the match. The sequence leading to the DQ starts at about 4:20.

    (as a side, in Texas many trips to DQ start with 4:20...sorry...couldn't resist)
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    Dec 09, 2008 2:08 PM GMT
    K-1 is the premier kickboxing organization. The fights aren't staged. The Japanese love having martial arts events with big production effects so that explains the long introductions. The K-1 tournaments are legendary and have very exciting fights.

    This is Bojansky's 3rd time winning the crown and he's a fan favorite both for his skills and personality. Hari lost a close decision to Bojansky last year so I don't know if there was any previous bad blood or anything said before the fight that triggered Hari's actions. Badr Hari had a flash of stupidity. He's been suspended indefinitely. But I expect him to be back and I hope they have a rematch soon.
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    Dec 09, 2008 5:21 PM GMT
    Thanks. That is very helpful and encouraging.

    K1 has so much more action than lots of the UFC stuff. Sure, the UFC submission sequences are cool in their own way (if ya know what I mean), but still, K1 is heart-racing stuff.

    I wonder when the next coverage is?
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    Dec 26, 2008 2:14 PM GMT
    stand up fighting is more of a turn on than ground ju jitsu. for my taste ju jitsu is too technical and "bloodless". but i am a life long sadist turned on by fights!!! no apology .