Self-less Compassion

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    Dec 09, 2008 7:06 PM GMT
    In a time where the world seems ripe with greed, anger, self-indulgence, bleakness, personal agenda and an absense of what we usually call "human compassion", this story I read this morning moved me to almost tears...

    A human, could learn A LOT from a dog..

    I did not watch the video, that I am sure would left me balling not from sadness but of a reminder of what it is to give of yourself...

    Homeless dog tries to save dog hit by car in Chile
    Associated Press
    Posted: 2008-12-08 18:36:44

    SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) - Chileans have a new hero: an apparently homeless dog that pulled the body of another dog through traffic off a busy highway. A surveillance camera on a Santiago freeway captured images of a dog trotting past speeding cars to pull the lifeless body of the other canine, which had been run over by a vehicle, away from traffic and onto the median strip.

    The scene was broadcast by Chilean television stations and then posted on Web sites such as, and hundreds of thousands of people had viewed versions of it by Monday.

    Highway crews removed both the dead and live dogs from the median strip of the Vespucio Norte Highway shortly after the Dec. 4 incident. But the rescuer dog ran away.

    Authorities say images of the rescue prompted some people to call and offer to adopt the dog, but neither highway workers nor a television crew could find they animal.

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    Dec 09, 2008 7:16 PM GMT
    My bf and I were on Bart (bay area public train) one time and there was this confused lady was looking to get to some destination that was far from Bart stops. She was incoherent and the Bart employee wasn't a great help. She said there, talking to herself, occasinoally asking if this Bart going to where she wanted to be, though she didn't really direct her question at anyone.

    We later told each other that she would be very lost on that train but we did nothing to help her. It was a lost chance to help a person in need. I still remember her face.
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    Dec 09, 2008 8:19 PM GMT
    Dogs are pack animals, descended from wolves. There is an instinctive urge to help other members of the pack, though sometimes they will also turn on each other.

    This pack instinct is what can make domestic dogs such great pets. If they equate humans with their pack, then they are totally loyal, and will sacrifice themselves to protect their human owners.

    Cats, on the other hand, couldn't care less... (waiting for attacks from cat lovers)
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    Dec 09, 2008 10:31 PM GMT
    Puppies + Boards of Canada = win.
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    Dec 09, 2008 11:31 PM GMT
    i don't think this is totally selfless. me and my bf dropped off some books at the downtown library in phoenix. always lots of homeless people and interesting types hanging out there at night. after dropping off the books this lady asked for a ride. told us where she needed to go and it was in the direction we were going (home). she told us she took the wrong bus from work and was unsure how to get to her mother's (where she was staying).

    on the way she told us that she was from new orleans. she was one of the people displaced from katrina. she came here with few items. she was dressed in a casual business. she kept thanking us for giving her the ride. she was looking for a job hence the clothes. she was down and out of money. when we finally dropped her off me and the bf gave her $20 for whatever (bus fare, food). she started crying and kept thanking us.

    her name was mary. i thought i saw her again walking down a road a couple months later, i whipped the car around as soon as i could, but coudln't find her again. such a sweet old lady. i think about her sometimes and hope she is doing better.