Out-Sourced Customer Service

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    Dec 11, 2008 12:57 AM GMT
    I called my "hassle free" credit card company to request some late charges be taken off my account. It was the second time that I had called about late charges on $5.19 fiance charge balance which I paid even though I didn't believe that I owed it. Both times I spoke with inidividuals who struggled to speak English, and I struggled to understand them. ( I could tell by the background noise that this was not an office based in the U.S.) While I was assured that the first late charge was taken off, it was not and I got yet another bill with additional late charges. After the second call, I was assured of the same thing. All late charges were off my account and my balance was zero.

    I got a letter today that said they had closed my account as per MY telephone request on December 6. GRRRRRRRRR I don't plan to request my account be reopened, but should I make a point letting them know why I am not continuting with them?

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    Dec 11, 2008 1:10 AM GMT
    If they can accept US government (ie TAXPAYER) funds to bail their mismanaged asses out debt, then the least they can do is have english speaking customer service representatives! The last thing anyone wants is to have account billing errors compounded by a language and cultural barriers....
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    Dec 11, 2008 1:44 AM GMT
    There are a lot of call centers here, and a few of my friends have worked part-time in some. And lemme tell you one thing: no one gets into call centers here unless your English is really good. Unless you're talking about a slight accent that pisses you off?

    The operators have very limited knowledge of the company they represent. So screaming your head off at an operator who only has a list of things he can or can't do for you is useless. They can only file your complaint, not do anything directly about it since they are only representatives.

    One of the main reasons why call centers get out-sourced is because of the level of abuse they get from callers. No first world employee would be able to stand that, could he? If you want a solution to your problem, be civil. The people at the other end do not have the DIRECT ability to solve your problem.

    Shouting at people on the other end, just because you deemed them too stupid because of an accent, isn't gonna get you anywhere but on his bad side. Just because it's just another blatant example of westerners exploiting our manpower, doesn't mean it's our fault.

    Blame the friggin company not the service. There are companies that purposely hire less-than-competent agents because they use it as a buffer between them and their customers. i.e. let the little people take the abuse.

    Jeez. If ever you want to make a documentary on human rudeness, just listen to 90% of westerners calling on customer service people. From how my friends use describe it, it's enough to make you an anti-American jihadist. icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Dec 11, 2008 6:52 AM GMT
    Wow Sedative. I never really knew, but now I'm glad I got some knowledge. Thanks for opening up my world view.