Personal training- Is it worth it?

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    Dec 16, 2008 3:11 PM GMT
    So I need some guidance with lifting and getting back into it, and judging from the reviews on Angie's list it seem this Personal training gym is the place to be

    -The Extreme Makeover (12-15 Week Packages)
    These are our most popular personal training packages - you choose either a 12 or 15 Week All-Out Fitness Program in which you'll meet with your personal trainer 3 times per week. These are the recommended programs for those who are ready to radically change their body, and are ready to commit at least 3 consecutive months to doing so. This fitness program is the most involved, and with your dedication, will provide you with a completely different body. Extreme changes will occur on this program, and you will obtain the body of your dreams.Contact Personal Fitness Revolution for more information.

    36 Session Program (example: 3x a week/12 weeks) ------ $2700
    45 Session Program (example: 3x a week/15 weeks) ------ $3330

    But is it too expensive? If it isn't what about personal training makes it worth the money?
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    Dec 16, 2008 3:31 PM GMT
    key word here: motivation.

    can you motivate yourself enough to go to the gym on your own? or do you need to know that someone is there to kick your ass if you dont show?

    personal training runs off of that simple fact. ive worked at both bally's and the campus gym for a cumulative 2.5 years, i have seen people with personal trainers who dont get any better cuz they complain that they cant do it. if you cannot push yourself to the limit, there's just no point in going to the gym, cuz someone else is not going to be able to push you as well.

    a workout friend can accomplish the same thing, and with today's online forums from and even this site itself, its not difficult to grab a random workout. the real key to changing your body style is just confusing the hell out of your muscles and putting variety into your workouts. im not saying change the workout everytime you go, but know when you've tuckered the muscle's way of moving via concentration curls and switch it over to incline curls to surprise it, thus causing it to grow.

    sooooo. all in all. personal training is great, if you cant motivate yourself to get there and do the right workouts. but again, they're just as human as you or i. im a major in biology and some of the crap that the personal trainers know is pathetic, so be careful on who their certification is with.
  • EricLA

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    Dec 16, 2008 5:34 PM GMT
    You need to do some comparison shopping. If you can afford that sort of money, fine. But, I think you can find more affordable personal trainers out there. Just make sure to know what your goals are and to ask for a few referrals so you can speak to clients about their experiences.
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    Dec 16, 2008 8:16 PM GMT
    This is my experience, I have been using a trainer for the last 2 years, 2x a week, I have been working out on my own the other 3 days a week I go to the gym, mainly cardio and a circuit that my trainer has put together for me to mesh nicely with my big training days.

    The experience has changed my life, I have dropped over 30 pounds and 14% body fat, I have changed they way I eat and the way I treat my body. I doubt I would have ever reached these goals by myself. My trainer is very good, he mixes up my routine about 4 - 6 weeks so we are always working on something new, and then periodically we re-visit an old routine to see how my strength has improved. We do body comps every 6 weeks to track progress and this really keeps me on track.

    For me the big question is would I continue to see these gains if I stopped training, and the answer is probably no, I think I would keep the weight off, but I'm just not that knowledgeable on physiology to keep improving my strength and overall body composition, so that's why I don't foresee quitting anytime soon. It's not cheap, my gym has an "all you can eat" monthly training fee of $495 on top of my gym membership, but it's money well spent in my opinion.

    This is just one man's experience, YMMV.

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    Dec 16, 2008 9:41 PM GMT
    Guess that all depends on your trainer. It was definitely worth it for me. I had fooled around with weight training for years before I decided I really wanted to get serious and make it part of my lifestyle. Working with a trainer helped me realize what I was doing wrong and made me aware that I wasn't pushing myself as much as I could. I think that is most peoples' biggest obstacle....not forcing themselves out of their comfort range. Plus my trainer was hot and after our last session I found out he wasn't as straight as he pretended to be icon_biggrin.gif
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    Dec 16, 2008 10:12 PM GMT
    Golly, I'll train you for half that.

    If you aren't a "RealJock" and didn't get into weights in high school or college (weight lifting class, power lifting team, football, wrestling, etc.), then, a trainer can help you get comfortable, but, ultimately, you need to do your own research and find what works best for you. I could take six folks and each might require a different plan for success. If you have a friend who is experienced with weights / personal fitness, they can be a good way to get started in a gym.

    I brought Sagi Kalev in as my personal trainer when I first started competing ( Sagi fast-tracked me on my first show, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. Sagi's professional and vast experience, rubbed off as confidence, and a trophy, with me, and he taught me things I'd never even thought of, much less researched. For me, posing is the hardest thing. I just don't have the dancer fairy thing going in me.

    A personal trainer who is 18 and completely clueless, however, probably is not a good choice. Find someone middle-aged, with some experience, that relates to your goals.

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    Dec 17, 2008 1:52 AM GMT
    Awesome. Just wanting to know