Fake profiles and how to Identify them.

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    Dec 17, 2008 7:05 PM GMT
    It has recently come to my attention how many fake profiles have been made on this website and I want you as the real profiles learn not to fall for their tricks. They all have a pattern in which you can easily identify them with.

    -First off, they have little or no face shots on their profile. This can show they are not willing to show their true identity.

    -Taking off from the first tip, they have much more private photos than their regular photos. This shows their only concern is sex which brings me to my next tip.

    -If they immediately unlock their private photos to you, this is a sign they are desperate to get their "image" across to you so you will become more interested in them. Remember, these people feed off of attention and unsuspecting individuals.

    -You are more than likely to add these people to your hot list because the photos they post are not of themselves and of highly attractive people you would be more drawn to. However, check their number of people they think are hot. If this is a staggering number then they have been getting across and trying desperately to gain attention.

    -If you message them and they can only talk about sex, then they are trying to seduce you into becoming more associated with them. Like I said, they crave attention.

    -Notice their lame and pathetic excuses to your unanswered questions. Why don't they have a cam? Why don't they have their instant messenger option on? Why do you only have one picture of yourself in your profile? How come your private photos look different from yourself in your public photos? They will say some of the most ridiculous things to persuade you into them being real, and if you're not careful you will believe them.

    I hope all of these tips helped. The whole reason I was inspired to write this was because of a fake profile that had me going for quite sometime. I wasted countless days and weeks wondering what my life would be like with this guy. This guy has become one of the number one top hot listed guys on this site. MJonParker had me going for quite sometime until I saw right through his disguise. Use MJonParker username as a base off of what other fake profiles look like. By all means add him to your hotlist, just know the man behind the profile is fake, and now you can identify the real ones yourself.
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    Dec 17, 2008 7:23 PM GMT
    If your tips are based on your own real experience, then I can't dispute you that it happens. But neither is your list infallible, because I match most of it. And I'm not fake, known to some RJers in person.

    My pics are Private because I've been burned online before with stolen photos. I unlock to RJers I hope I can trust.

    But I am Verified with RJ, and I have posted some personal pics in these public threads, kinda breaking my own rule.

    So while some good cautionary advice, neither should these rules of yours be our only guidance.
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    Dec 17, 2008 9:30 PM GMT
    funny pictures of dogs with captions
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    Dec 17, 2008 11:14 PM GMT
    Someone at RJ had suggested the reason why so many members have their head "chopped off" on their pics is because they have not come out of their closet, and fear that they may be accidently discovered by a straight friend or family member who had unwittingly discovered the site and decided to go ahead and browse.
    For this reason, my preferences on RJ is set that only signed in members can view my profile.