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    Dec 19, 2008 1:15 AM GMT
    I'm just curious if anyone else has done it or is currently using it. I've been using the Eating For Life book for a while for the nutrition aspect and had great results. I've decided to take on the whole Body For Life challenge.

    Any comments?
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    Dec 19, 2008 7:19 AM GMT
    Back in the day I did B4L for a number of months and also got good results. The only hassle was keeping track of my exercises and weight increases on those forms. The other guys would be working out around me while I fiddled with paper, dropped my pencil and got my glasses steamed up.

    Results yes - but you've got to be pretty disciplined to follow the program.

    The before/after photos and stories from B4Lifers are also inspiring.
  • Rowing_Ant

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    Dec 19, 2008 8:30 AM GMT
    Yes its a good resource, but as a P ersonal Trainer I have several issues with it. This book and all its associated materials attempts to "show you how". The problem is, it's very hard to learn correct posture and techqniues for exercises from a photograph - you need someone there to show you how.

    At the gym I worked at this summer there were people blatently lifting wrong and standing poorly, but they refused any help from other PTs or Fitness Instructors as they "have a little book to show me thank you". This was an almost universal response accross the usesr.

    On the results board there was one guy who was obviously really pleased with his results - yes he had lost a lof of fat, but at the same time, had a very asymetrical physique which were causing distortions, things which would have been prevented by being shown how in a hands on way.

    So yes ont he one hand good for inspiring people and getting them on their way, but on the other, very very very bad for giving people the impression they only need that one publication and no hands on help.